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▶ Featured Artist: Anna Shoemaker Announces Debut Album

Alt Pop’s Next Biggest Sensation

Anna Shoemaker is one of the most exciting alt pop acts out right now. Aptly described as “Brooklyn’s Own Olivia Rodrigo” by Nylon, Anna Shoemaker consistently delivers raw emotion and dreamy, catchy hooks. She makes music that is as equally perfect for crying on your bedroom floor as it is for singing along on a road trip with friends.

Anna Shoemaker has announced her debut album, Everything is Fine.  She’s also releasing the album’s title track. She has an incredible knack for penning songs for an ardent yet fickle generation of young adults. Anna Shoemaker will tell you how she feels. She’ll tell you about her feelings of self doubt, being a hopeless romantic, or how she bought silver Fendi boots to forget an ex. It’s more than Anna wearing her heart on her sleeve or feeling relatable. You can feel that Anna shares a piece of herself with her listeners.  Check out my exclusive interview with this amazing singer songwriter here:

Shoemaker released two EP’s, East Side, in 2018, and Everything is Embarrassing, in 2020. However, there is a noticeable difference between her ooey gooey synth pop EPs and her later releases. There is a palpable alt rock influence starting with her 2021 single, “Sick!.” On Anna’s lastest single, “Everything is Fine,” she debuts some of her most poignant songwriting yet. She injects plenty of satire and self-deprication into the album’s title track, over a booming beat filled with reverb heavy guitars. It opens, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me/ Stuck in between apathy and whatever the opposite of that is.” Before launching into the fast paced chorus, she continually reassures herself, “I’ll be alright.”

What’s Next for Anna

Along with the single, Anna Shoemaker announced that her upcoming album, Everything is Fine (I’m On Fire), is due March 2 via +1 Records. The album will feature past singles, “Sick!,” “It’s Depression (feat. Middle Part),” and “Change My Mind.” She has yet to announce a tour in support of the album, but be sure to stay up to date with our Onstage page for future tour info.

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