January Jane Prepares for New ‘80s Inspired EP

At the start of 2021, January Jane was signed to international music company BMG. The alternative pop trio were already part of music industry legend Matt Pinfieldf’s label, Whiskey Vinyl. Now in partnership with both stellar teams, January Jane has a one-way ticket to stardom.


The trio are best known for their fresh and infectious take on vintage, but classic 1980s sounds. There is an element of nostalgia, but a timeless, danceable tone overall that makes listening to January Jane fun. That is who January Jane is: a fun, modern band with slick, pop influences and a garage band approach. 


These three are professionals and have a genuine love and talent for what they do. They’re enjoying every step of creating this well-rounded career for themselves, though. Working with Matt Pinfield was just the first stop to that path of success. Pinfield is known for his ear for talent and eye for stars having been a VJ on MTV and VH1 for years of the golden era.


The New York city-based band worked flawlessly with Pinfield as Jersey native himself. With the tri-state area music scene in their back pocket, January Jane discovered their Rock persona. They’ve built a fan base for their live performances in and around the city due to their electric stage presence. 


Get Ready, Because January Jane’s Your Drug EP Is On It’s Way

Those musical notches are now in their belts. Therefore, they can go on and release a new EP knowing that it is everything they have worked for. Dropping April 2, January Jane’s EP, Your Drug, will be their second BMG/Whiskey Vinyl release.


Their first was the January release of an iconic Hall & Oates track. “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” was originally by the rocking duo, but was reimagined for January Jane’s first big single release. The instrumentation and production is respectful to the original song, but the vocals give it a new edge and sound. 


Following that was last week’s drop of the eclectic “Versions of You.” The pop infused alternative rock song touches upon everything on Spotify, as well as everything found on an ’80s mixtape. It’s balance of the two is refreshing and amazing.


Starting off this bigger and better era of their career prior to Your Drug this way was smart. It gathered new fans with an old song, but showed their influence and skill within it. 


Your Drug is just a few weeks away and fans are just as excited as January Jane themselves.


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