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Sylvan Esso Drops the Delightfully Glitchy “Didn’t Care”

Durham, North Carolina-based indie electronic duo Sylvan Esso has stayed true to themselves from the start. When they formed in 2013 it seemed like everyone in Durham was trying to be the next Avett Brothers. So when they dropped their self-titled debut in 2014, full of unique programming and production from member Nick Sanborn and the sweet, effortless hooks from singer Amelia Meath, it was a breath of fresh air. Their chill electropop cut “Coffee” rocketed them to indie stardom, gathering over one hundred million streams on Spotify.

Fast forward 8 years and Sylvan Esso are still the tastemakers of their genre. They dropped the delightfully glitchy, “Didn’t Care,” the third single from their upcoming album, No Rules Sandy, due August 12. Despite its chopped-up style and apathetic title, this track is undeniably warm and friendly. It’s all about finding love in unexpected places, with Amelia Meath singing in the chorus: “I didn’t care/ And I couldn’t feel it in the air/ I didn’t know/ When I met you how it would go”.

And it seems like the song may be about the duo’s own relationship. The pair got married between the release of their first record and their second record, 2017’s What Now.

Catch Sylvan Esso Out On Tour

Sylvan Esso is currently hitting the road for their No Rules Sandy Tour. Right now only a North American leg has been announced, so look out for more dates to come. They’re bringing electronic duo ODESZA on the road with them to open. And having seen Sylvan Esso live a handful of times, I can assure you that you’re gonna wanna snag tickets for this tour. Many dates have been sold out, but click here to see a full list of dates and ticket options.

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