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ODESZA Sample Legendary Singer on “Behind The Sun”

Grammy-nominated electronic group, ODESZA, have returned with yet another groundbreaking single. “Behind The Sun” is a pertinent, drum-driven masterpiece that samples Iranian vocalist, Simin Ghanem.

“Behind The Sun” Compliments Vocals

ODESZA have released plenty of music over the past few months, such as “Love Letter” featuring The Knocks and “Better Now” featuring MARO. “Behind The Sun,” however, is in a league of its own. Some fans point out its likeness to 2018’s “Loyal,” which included an enthralling drumline. The EDM duo, however, build around achingly beautiful vocals. They remark, “We wanted to incorporate pieces of live drumming in a new way and ended up running various snare drum elements through a resonator and modulating them to each hit. Overall we really love how this song came together, bringing the past into the present is something we find really exciting and inspiring.” Ghanem’s voice is merely complimented by snares and rhythm.

Finding Simin Ghanem

ODESZA spoke of the making of “Behind The Sun,” saying While digging through old records we came across a song by the legendary Iranian singer, Simin Ghanem. It was such a beautifully haunting vocal that we couldn’t really get it out of our heads. Slowly we started to build these symphonic elements around her and piece by piece it started to become this big anthemic track.” The four minute single has enchanted fans, and it’s no surprise why. ODESZA often perform with a drum line, and using one on “Behind The Sun” will make quite the show.

ODESZA and Their Signature Visuals

Like most of the group’s discography, “Behind The Sun” is accompanied by an official video. It features stellar animation, spinning as the Earth collapses in and out with each symphony. Such a visual is an ODESZA trademark, and completes the vibe of the track. Simin Ghanem’s sublime vocals, which were sampled and altered, complete the single.

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