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Harry Styles Drops Music Video for “Late Night Talking”

Harry Styles just dropped his music video for the fan-favorite, “Late Night Talking.”

Harry Styles Has Been Doing Some “Late Night Talking”

Global superstar Harry Styles has just dropped his music video for “Late Night Talking,” one of the songs off his most recent album, Harry’s House. Styles teased the music video a few weeks ago, and fans are extremely pleased with what they’ve been given.

Harry Styles
Lillie Eiger / Courtesy of the artist

“Late Night Talking” is full of soft instrumentals and soft vocals. The lyrics capture the feelings that come with being so in love.

The music video definitely holds that sentiment, but also brings a few new flavors to the song. In the video, Styles seems to travel from bed to bed, via each bed. The video is whimsical, lazy, and sexy. It has a different feel from Styles’ music video for “As It Was,” which was more focused on the profound imagery and symbolism that it was depicting. The video for “Late Night Talking” makes viewers smile at how well the languid melody fits with the playful vibe of the video. It also finds a happy medium between retro, grainy polaroids and crisp, clear shots.

Check it out below!

Love On Tour 2022

harry styles Love on tour

Amid falling through the sky on a bed, Styles is getting ready for the North American part of his 2022 Love On Tour. This is an extension of his 2021 Love On Tour. It’s currently promoting his Fine Line album from 2019. Fans are hopeful, however, that the singer will perform some of his new songs off of Harry’s House. Check out all the tour dates, venues, and guest artists here.

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