Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko are Perfect Together in “In The Dark”

R&B giants Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko teamed up for their new single, “In The Dark.” The single, which is part of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, now features a lively music video. Released on September 22nd, the “In The Dark” music video has garnered more than 250,00 views and nearly 30k likes. Featuring some throwback technology and a well-dressed Lee and Aiko, fans are surely in for a treat when they watch it. That’s why we at Music Daily have decided to feature the track as part of our New Music Monday!

“In The Dark” is Part of Film History

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings makes history as Marvel’s first Asian superhero film. Such an important film needs just as important music features, which is where Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko make their entrance. “In The Dark” is also followed by other singles from superstars such as 21 Savage, Rick Ross, and DJ Snake. The appeal of this single, however, is all about the mellow vocals of Swae and Jhené.

The Perfect Collaboration

Swae Lee is the main feature on “In The Dark,” and for good reason. His smooth, springy voice is perfect for the single’s bouncy melodies. His airy falsettos make for an intriguing listen, and are complimented by Jhené’s angelic vocals. Even though Swae is the focal point of the track, we would be remiss not to admire Jhené’s vocal contributions. Known for her breezy singing, Aiko seals “In The Dark” as a banger.

Swae and Jhené Are No Strangers

Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko have actually collaborated before on Jhené’s song, “Sativa.” “In The Dark,” however, is their first project together since 2017. Fans are sure to want more music from these two r&b aficionados, especially after their most recent venture.

A Reminiscent Music Video

The music video for “In The Dark” is an unexpected trip back into the early 2000s, to the age of flip phones and the original Xbox. Singing in front of a “PROM 2005” sign, both Swae Lee and Jhené Aiko keep our attention throughout the video. We see them interacting with high school students as they figure out prom romances. The comical yet endearing music video is perhaps just what we needed to convince us to watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 


Have you listened to “In The Dark” yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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