Chelsea Collins & Swae Lee Connect On “Hotel Bed”

Chelsea Collins and Swae Lee linked up for a beautiful new track, “Hotel Bed.” It marks the first collaboration between the pair – and we love it.

A New Hit For Both Chelsea Collins & Swae Lee

“Hotel Bed” follows Chelsea’s 2020 hit “Water Run Dry,” which was alongside 24kGoldn. It also follows Swae Lee’s “Be Like That” which was with Kane Brown and Khalid. 

Four days prior to the release of “Hotel Bed,” Chelsea shared on Instagram the news about the upcoming collaboration. “Swae, legend! Thank u so much for helping me make this song! Hotel bed out the 23!”

“Hotel Bed” is a delightful pop song that merges both Chelsea’s and Swae Lee’s vocals in an effortless way. They sing about being two ex-lovers who miss each other. Chelsea apologizes for the mistakes she made, while Swae counters, saying he’s moving on from their relationship. 

“Hotel Bed” Fuses Two Sets of Magical Vocals

“Five in the mornin’, pretend you’re knockin’. Waitin’ with that look in your eyes. Blunts on the nightstand. Remember us when we were gettin’ lost in the fire. Well, all I’ve ever known is bein’ on the road. How people come and go with time. So if I’m bein’ honest, I really fucked it up. And I apologize, the truth is…,” starts Chelsea on the new single.

Right when the chorus starts, though, Swae joins in and the two perform together. Their voices fuse magically, because of instead of his usual rapping, he sings the melody with her. “Now I’m lyin’ in this hotel bed. And I’m missin’ you. Starin’ at the cеilin’, losin’ my head. Oh, what can I do? Is it too late to call, say it’s my fault? I let you go ‘causе you’re too good to be true. Now I’m lyin’ in this hotel bed. And I’m missin’ you, missin’ you.”

Finally, Swae shares his version of the story in a verse on “Hotel Bed,” admitting that he’s not interested in pointing fingers at anyone. Although, he is ready to move on.

“I hear your voice in my head. I let you do it, it’s my bad. Old lady’s still dreamin’ of me. And things we used to do…Thought you were my right hand. And I’m movin’ on, baby, you know I can’t be on stuck for long. Too involved, at this point, don’t even matter who was wrong. Let you go, had to do what’s better for the both of us. Distant lover, baby, I can’t love you through the phone.”

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