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Summer Starts with CupcakKe and New Single “H2hoe”

The unapologetic brazen rapper CupcakKe releases “H2hoe,” her very own hot summer anthem. The Caribbean-funk trap track is guaranteed to leave you soaked!

The unapologetic brazen rapper CupcakKe releases her own hot summer anthem to live by "H2hoe." The Caribbean-funk, trap track is guaranteed to leave you soaked!
via Instagram @cupcakkeafreakk: This is iconic me thinks

Artist Profile: CupcakKe

Bold and outspoken Chicago rapper CupcakKe achieved viral success and critical acclaim with her overtly explicit songs. The independent artist’s work explores sexuality in graphic detail; while many of her songs are playful (“Deepthroat”), she has more serious, introspective material that deals with sexual abuse (“Pedophile”), racial issues (“Picking Cotton”), and LGBTQ empowerment (“Crayons”). She debuted in 2016 with two EPs and a full-length, Audacious, following with the critically acclaimed Queen Elizabitch (2017) and Ephorize (2018). Although her early work spread virally like wildfire for being raunchy, it got praise from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV News, and numerous hip-hop websites.

The rapper guested on many Charli XCX songs, including song “Lipgloss” off first mixtape of 2017, Number 1 Angel,.

Despite hints at retirement, justifying her lyrics, and toxic relationships, CupcakKe is here for the long run. She will soon deliver her fifth studio album, which is still unannounced but implied in last year’s XXL article. Many speculate that her recent single, “H2hoe,” will join “Marge Simpson,” “Huhhhhh,” “Moonwalk,” “Mosh Pit,” and “Mickey” on the record.

“H2hoe” by CupcakKe

Just in time for Pride Month, CupcakKe released “H2hoe.” She starts off the song by flaunting her designer things over an exotic up-tempo beat: “Givenchy (Armani) / Balenci (And Dolce) / And Fendi (And Chloe) / Versace / Fuck me up.” She intertwines sexual innuendo with pop culture references and direct commentary throughout the song, unshy of how “raunchy” it may be.

She spits bars against a buzzing bass, flutes, and instruments that (almost) mimic steel drums. The energy is up to 100. She raps, “Got butterfly doors, my legs up, he skeet / But first he pump gas, my tank was on E.” CupcakKe gives the listener a play-by-play of a confident woman in her own skin enjoying the male company. And why? Take a look at the chorus: “Guess what got more drip than anything a bitch put on? This p*ssy”

What’s Coming? Festival Season!

On June 3, the rapper headlined Outloud Raising Voices Music Festival alongside MARINA, Lil’ Kim, and Slayyyter. “H2hoe” will have everyone shaking something as she headlines Chicago Pride Fest and Wynwood Pride Music Festival this month. And she will continue to be busy as she performs at Pitchfork Music Festival on July 16 in Chicago.

What do you think of CupcakKe’s new single, “H2hoe”? Let us know in the comments!
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