December 01, 2022
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Charli XCX Releases Deluxe Version of “CRASH”


Charli XCX with her album "CRASH"The work does not stop for pop superstar Charli XCX.  With her latest fifth studio album CRASH only being out for a week, the UK singer releases its deluxe version.  The original 12 track album debuted with critical acclaim.  In its first week it went number one in Australia, Ireland, and the UK.  The results of which gave the singer her very first number one album.  Additionally, the album reached number seven on the Billboard 200 chart.  Again, making it her highest charting album in the US to date.

Charli XCX Makes CRASH Even Better

Despite the positive buzz around CRASH, Charli decides to pump it full of even more juicy pop goodness with a deluxe version.  The albums deluxe version shares four new tracks.  “Selfish Girl,” “How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now,” “Sorry If I Hurt You” and “What You Think About Me” conclude the deluxe version of CRASH.  Unsurprisingly, the four songs come together to only enhance what is her most cohesive project yet. The songs capture feelings Charli was vocal about during the lead up to her album release.   Not only does the lyrical content mirror that of the other self-destructive tracks on CRASH, but they sonically do as well.

You Hear The Influence of Her Previous Eras

On “Selfish Girl” Charli reflects on her self-serving tendencies; a theme similarly found in singles “Good Ones” and “Baby.”  Then, on tracks “How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now” and “Sorry If I Hurt You” she doubles down on ideas talked about throughout the press tour for her album.  During this time she talks about not knowing whats next as her contract with Atlantic Records ends.  This is the sentiment found on the “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle sampled “How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now.”  The track is eurphoric and hyperpop, and mimics the style of Charli during her unreleased XCX World era and How I’m Feeling Now.  The latter track was discussed with Zane Lowe on Apple Music as the original title of CRASH.  It is an angsty heavy 80’s synth track very reminiscent of her work on True Romance.

She Shines When Doing What She Wants

Concluding the deluxe tracks is the bratty “What You Think About Me.”  Leading up to her album’s release, Charli was vocal about the pressure she received from critics (bad fans) to create a sounds synonymous with the hyperpop genre she is often credited for pioneering.  With those critics now eating their words Charli puts up a middle finger to them on the final song.  A.G. Cook produces the track with a dense rolling guitar as Charli shouts “I don’t give a f*ck what you think about me” on the chorus.  It recalls the obnoxious energy of Sucker and perfectly concludes an album that Charli rightfully indulges in.  In all, we see how when an artist does things the way they want, we get the richest results.

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