December 06, 2022

SERA Releases Newest Single “She Kissed Me First”


Dutch singer-songwriter SERA recently released her newest single, “She Kissed Me First.”

“She Kissed Me First”

Dutch singer-songwriter SERA recently released her newest single, “She Kissed Me First.”

The song is a pop rock story of two women who fall in love and an ex-boyfriend who can’t take a hint. SERA creates an exciting narrative with her lyrics as she sings about the women cherishing each other after the ex-boyfriend was neglectful.

This month is Pride Month, and listening to SERA’s “She Kissed Me First” is a great way to spend it. SERA is a rising artist who brings, not only great music, but also sincere representation to the LGBTQ+ community.

Listen to the pop rock single below!

SERA Continues to Soar

Sera de Bruin, known by her stage name SERA, got her start thanks to her passion and the internet. She made covers of famous pop songs on TikTok and Instagram. Several of those videos caught the attention of the world. Her cover of “Dance Monkey,” by Tones and I, quickly went viral and now has 13M views on Instagram. During one of her Instagram livestreams, the singer received a request to join the stream from Justin Bieber. After a short freakout from the unexpected attention, she approved his request and the two sang together.

SERA eventually signed with the record label Universal Music. She released her first single, “Only Us,” in July 2021. The single made it to the Dutch Top 40, where it stayed for 9 weeks. Her second single, “Take A Chance,” came out in November, only a few months later. With the release of “She Kissed Me First,” listeners can hope for the album the artist has teased for two years.

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