December 02, 2022
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Skegss Release “Stranger Days” and “December”


The Byron-Bay Trio Delivers Two New Tracks

Aussie surf rockers Skegss are back with their first releases of 2022. They premiered two new tracks, “Stranger Days” and “December”  on triple j’s Good Nights. The band is currently on tour across Australia for their 2021 album Rehearsal. Their debut single, 2014’s “L.S.D” broke them onto the scene and made them garage rock sweethearts. Four LP’s later and the band’s sound is evolving with each new release.

“Stranger Days” is an uplifting, spirited track with a chorus that is almost physically impossible not to sing along to. It starts out with a very folk-inspired chord progression with fitting raspy vocals. The band has always had a sunny, bright vibe, but this song is quite on the nose. “I’m gonna power on, I’m gonna enjoy the highs/ And the lows will come and go/ And may your dreams never die,” sings frontman Ben Reed. The track is much less headbanging than some of their previous releases, but their positive energy still packs a punch. Check out the video for “Stranger Days” below.

The second track Skegss released, “December” leans a bit more on the psychedelic side. It still carries on the easygoing, positive vibes celebrating all of the Aussie holiday traditions. The chorus repeats, “You don’t know how much I’ve missed this/ I’m just so glad it’s Christmas,” making for one of the coolest Christmas songs ever. “The chord progression just rang a bit in the theme of Christmas and I must have been thinking about just how much fun it is over summer in my hometown,” said Ben Reed.


Catch Skegss Out on Tour

Skeggs is currently out on the road for their Rehearsal Tour, which features 10 Australian dates. It wraps up on February 12. Then shortly after in April, they’ll embark on a tour of the west coast. They also appear on both weekends of the very exciting Coachella lineup this year. Click here to get tickets for their upcoming shows.





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