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The Faim Are Going Out to “The Hills”

Australian rock-pop band The Faim released their latest single “The Hills,” arriving on the heels of “Ease My Mind.”

“The Hills” is a Laid-Back Song

Just this past November, The Faim announced they were finally coming back after a long two-year hiatus. And we’re so glad to have them back! After coming back into the music scene with “Ease My Mind,” the band is making sure their fans don’t have to worry about getting new music from them; as they just released their follow-up single, “The Hills.”

“The Hills” is an easy listening, laid-back track that talks about feeling lost at a certain moment in your life; when all you have to do is stop for a minute and breathe. “Not gonna lie, I’ve been along this road a couplе times. And something doesn’t feel right Why don’t it just feel right?… I’m going out to the hills. Out to where my heart is. Tell me that you’ll need me on the way,” are some lyrics of the song. 

The Faim Talk About Their New Song

During an interview with Rock Sound, Vocalist Josh Raven shared, “‘The Hills’ is a song which touches on anxiety and the desire to go back to that place where you can reconnect with yourself and take a breath.” Guitarist and songwriter Sam Tye adds, “For Josh and I, the Perth hills is one of these places and after two years of being on the road; coming home gave us a moment to reflect on the sometimes-overwhelming experiences you have whilst touring. I hope this song helps people find that place for themselves.”

The captivating song comes accompanied by a mesmerizing music video; where you can appreciate all the beautiful views that Perth, Australia has to offer. Guitarist Sam Tye added, “The music video involves a stylistic representation of life inside the band. The driving connects to life on the road and experiencing the world through a moving window as they travel to their next destination. In certain moments we see live performance represented and in others we see snapshots of personal creativity, drawing back the curtains of life in a band and its perpetual motion.”

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