February 08, 2023



Sigrid Unveils How To Let Go (Special Edition) With New Song

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid unveiled How To Let Go (Special Edition) on November 4. Her sophomore album, How To Let Go, officially released in May this year.

The Special Edition Features 27 Songs

Sigrid is making sure we remember her this year. Not only did she collaborate on tracks with Griff and Bring Me The Horizon, but she delivered her sophomore album – her first in two years – How To Let Go.

Firstly, the May-released LP included 12 songs, some of which were fan favorites like “Mirror” and “Burning Bridges.” Nevertheless, that wasn’t enough for her. Sigrid then released a renovated version of the project, amassing a staggering 27 songs. Yes, it does seem like an overwhelming amount of songs. But, she offers alternative versions of tracks from the original LP. In detail, How To Let Go (Special Edition) includes acoustic and “up close” versions. 

“I have made acoustic versions of my singles since the beginning. They’ve (almost) all been done with Askjell, one of my closest friends and collaborators,” Sigrid explains of How To Let Go (Special Edition). “It’s been a nice way to check in with the actual songwriting in between heavy promoting, touring, video shoots, and traveling.”

New Track “Everybody Says They’re Fine”

How To Let Go (Special Edition) does include two new tracks that didn’t make the cut on the original LP. “Blue,” which she released two weeks prior to the album release, and “Everybody Says They’re Fine.” Sigrid adds, 

“‘Everybody Says They’re Fine’ is a song Askjell and I wrote for the album almost two years ago but wanted to save it for a special moment, so here we are!”

“It’s a song about pressure and just not feeling at your best. I usually try to come to some sort of a conclusion in my choruses, because I find so much joy and release in singing my songs live and feel like there’s a solution or a good takeaway to things, but for this one, we decided to just go with that feeling and just say it as it is.”

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