Drops “Circus” With Jungle Bobby has recently dropped his newest single, “circus,” which features jungle bobby. And Jungle Bobby

Known just as well by his other stage name, lentra, is a music producer from Canada. He’s been making music on SoundCloud for at least seven years, since 2015. On Spotify, under lentra, his discography begins in 2016. His discography doesn’t begin until 2019. "circus" released a new album a few months ago in the beginning of September. Under the name lentra, “a happy medium” had seven songs, and was the producer’s first album of 2022. On the album, he collaborated on the song “dancing in the dark” with artist Sonn. Then, on “circus,” collaborated with jungle bobby. jungle bobby is one of his close Canadian artist friends, as well as one of his most frequent collaborators. Actually, “circus” is jungle bobby’s latest release since “elevate” in July.


Further,’s “circus” is a laidback party in a song. It has thumping, yet, cool bass, shakers, a fun drumbeat, and a guest appearance by a tired-sounding horn at the end. and jungle bobby take turns singing and rapping on the beat. They switch back and forth on the verses and choruses, with both of them taking on a bridge solo. Overall, the chorus sums up the carefree, party vibe of the song.

“I’m at the circus / Baby, let’s clown around / The dancefloor burning / Baby, let’s burn it down / We at the circus / The hottest thing in town / Open the curtains / And see what we’re about,”

Check out the official lyric video for the song below!

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