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Sarah Cothran: The Queen Of Song Covers

You definitely know her voice, but you may not know her name. Clocking in over 2.7 million monthly listeners, Sarah Cothran has just begun to explore her potential as an artist after her substantial breakthrough on TikTok in 2021. 

Sarah Cothran
Sarah Cothran. (Photo: Twitter @sarahcothran)

Sarah Cothran Cover Or Original?

The young singer-songwriter and influencer would gain a following with her covers of Billie Eilish, Nirvana, Taylor Swift and more. She began uploading to her Youtube and Instagram page in 2018. She would upload her very first cover on Youtube with her older sister Michaila Cothran on Oct 21, 2018. The powerful sister duo would reinvent Avenged Sevenfold’s “Dear God” and it would turn out to be a success with 4.1 million views to date. Sarah took this as a sign and would upload consistently reaching new heights of virality with Ava Max’s “Sweet But Psycho,” Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and Mother Mother’s “Burning Pile.”

Dominating TikTok In 2021

Eventually Cothran would achieve monumental global success with her cover of “As The World Caves In” by Matt Maltese. Uploaded on May 24, 2021 to her TikTok page, the video would circulate rapidly. With 7.6 million likes and a total of 44.9 million views as of now the Sarah Cothran cover was impossible not to hear on TikTok in 2021. Her full “As The World Caves In” rendition is also on her Youtube page, sitting at a colossal 110 million views. 

“As The World Caves In” Cover By Sarah Cothran.

Latest Release, ‘I Hope You’re Happy’

Sarah Cothran would make the cover available on streaming services along with her original song “Don’t Want My Heart” later that year. Following, in 2022, her debut body of work and latest release, i hope you’re happy would arrive on September 30. The lead single “Baby Why” delves into her toxic relationship. “Wе swing back and forth / Just like pendulums, in my living room / We’re both screaming, you’re leaving /Wait, I didn’t mean it,” Cothran sings in the second verse. 

The singer-songwriter and her partner are in a turbulent cycle full of break ups and make ups. Like many toxic relationships, you have hope that the situation and person will get better. But change does not usually happen overnight. Sarah Cothran and her partner fight, then promise to each other they will change. A standout lyric is: “Insanity seems to be our standard normality.” Sarah has become numb to their chaotic relationship therefore it becomes difficult to halt the pattern.

Sarah Cothran Misses Her Ex

On “I’m Here” Cothran finds herself reminiscing about the what ifs and missing her old partner. “And I cannot help but wonder / If I never moved here / I’d be the one wearing your ring.” In the end she feels time wasn’t on their side, and years later she is curious if the two are destined for one another. Though the two had their issues, no one has been able to compare to them. “Still tryna find someone that makes me / Feel like you made me feel no luck / But we were far from perfect / Left us hurtin’ things we shouldn’t have said / But still I’ve tried to reason, can’t believe it.”

Additionally, she wishes her ex well, recounting the fallout her ex had with their family. Sarah Cothran reassures them she is always there to lend an ear. As we gear up for more new music from the star in 2023, check out her latest project below:

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