Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden” Coincidence

An anniversary and a certification all in one day calls for a major commemoration for Miss Kacey Musgraves.


Double the Celebration for Kacey Musgraves

Only an icon like Kacey Musgraves would have her critically acclaimed record go platinum on it’s birthday. She didn’t plan it, but it happened. On the third birthday of Golden Hour, the Recording Industry Association of America dubbed it platinum. 


Achieving RIAA Platinum certification is no small feat and requires an album to be sold over a million times. (For singles that reach this milestone, it takes two million copies sold to reach.) Exactly three years after it’s release, on March 30, Musgraves’ fourth studio album officially sold over one million copies. 


She took to Twitter to show off her shiny new platinum plaque, which includes the now infamous cover art. (Musgraves, her signature dark hair blowing in the breeze, and a beautiful orange fan. Any country music lover could spot the iconic art a mile away.) 


In another celebratory post featuring some more stunning artwork, she wrote, “HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, GOLDEN HOUR. CAN’T WAIT FOR WHAT’S NEXT.” 


Continuing on with the thrilling celebrations, Kacey Musgraves shared some lyrics from “Space Cowboy” on Instagram. The wistful and witty country pop song is a diamond in the rough. It’s also a notable fan favorite. Few songs have as much soulful spirit, complex composition, and sparking songwriting as this one. Musgraves’ talent for wordplay is on full display among stunning melodies.


Golden Hour’s Golden Run

“Space Cowboy” was one of Golden Hour’s single releases. Kacey Musgraves wrote and recorded the song, but clearly knew how powerful it was. Through coming to terms with a separation, the singer-songwriter finds peace. That peace turned into passion which is the anthemic hit.


While opening for Harry Styles on his 2018 Live On Tour run across various continents, Musgraves made “Space Cowboy” a staple. She sat on a bedazzled saddle that lifted her high above the arena stage as she sang the quirky, harmonious track. Through these global performances, the song got even bigger and Musgraves had a much wider audience. She was no longer a country starlet, but a full blown country pop star a-lá Taylor Swift.


Golden Hour, as well as Musgraves, deserved all the success that came it’s way. It is 13 tracks filled with true healing, buttery vocals, and whimsical lyrics. Country has never sounded as good as Golden Hour.


Not only did fans adore it and the RIAA certify it, but critics gave it universal acclaim. Every review was filled to the brim with praise. Kacey Musgrave was also nominated for a slew of awards. She won Album of the Year at both the 2018 CMAs and the 2019 ACMs. It’s most important achievement was its run at the Grammys. Kacey Musgraves, a country newcomer to the coveted event, sweeped the board. She, alongside Golden Hour, won all four categories she was nominated for. This included the marquee Album of the Year award.


Three years since it’s release, the beloved record is still making moves. Whether it’s because of its lyrics or because of Kacey Musgraves’ pure musical talents, we don’t know. We just know that it’s praise and adoration – even this far out – is not a surprise.

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