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Anitta Praises Her Hometown On “Girl From Rio”

Anitta is back with a new single, “Girl From Rio,” which is the lead single and title track for her upcoming album. It is also the singer’s first English language song.

Anitta Is Proud Of Her Roots

“Girl From Rio” honors the Brazilian singer-songwriter hometown, Rio de Janeiro. She sings a tributes to the city while talking about her life growing up there. Anitta even throws some sentences into the song that are in Portuguese, even though the song is mostly in English.

The catchy track touches on the topic of Brazilian women and how they are different from the rest. “Hot girls, where I’m from, we don’t look like models. Tan lines, big curves and the energy glows. You’ll be falling in love with the girl from Rio…” She also mentions the neighborhood where she grew up, Honório Gurgel, in the lyrics.

Presenting Brazil’s Beauty Through “Girl From Rio”

The music video for “Girl From Rio” is fun for everyone to watch. Director Giovanni Bianco did a great job at creating the visual for this new single. While the video starts with a sixties themed beach party, it soon turns into a modern day party on Rio’s shores. It features native Brazilian men and women as it’s main characters. As Anitta sings the lyrics referring to them, different women of all shapes and sizes appear on screen. 

On her Instagram, Anitta expressed her gratitude to the people who worked on this track with her. “‘Girl From Rio’ is about the Rio de Janeiro under my perspective, the Rio I saw and lived in. This is a very personal song. I talk a little bit about everything, my family, the place where I came from, where I grew up, the people I saw and see every day, it’s my point of view about women in general and the beauty that I see in them. To be able to translate all that history and meaning into music, I counted on some friends, who are also internationally renowned songwriters and producers.”

Anitta’s upcoming album Girl From Rio is expected to arrive in September, so mark your calendars!

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