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Record Deal for Emerging Country Artist Lily Rose

Big Loud Records, Back Blocks Music, and Republic Records have announced the signing of Lily Rose to a joint record deal. 

‘Villain’ Became a Sensation

Lily Rose started gaining popularity in December thanks to her single ‘Villain’ going viral on Tiktok. Back then, the full single wasn’t even out yet but she was getting great feedback from fans. Record labels started to notice this, and Lily actually got offers from 13 record labels. In the end, she decided to go with these teams, because they showed that they were really interested in her. 

The country singer just moved to Nashville, but she’s originally from Atlanta. She has been pursuing a career in music for more than thirteen years while working a handful of part-time jobs. For the past eight years, she has been routing her own tours in packed bars throughout the Southeast. All while also selling out shows in major markets like Atlanta, New York, and Nashville.

“To say I’m excited and humbled to be a part of the Big Loud/Republic family is an understatement. You move to Nashville to sign deals like this, make music videos like these, and write the best songs possible. Hell, we’re just getting started.” Said Lily Rose.

Lily Got Signed to her Dream Label

In an interview with Variety, Lily said, “They were my dream label. I mean, they’ve only been around for five years, but their ability to break artists, first of all — and they haven’t gotten to break a female yet. And I’m very competitive, and I like to be the first in a lot of things, and I think I’m going to have the opportunity to get that. And they’ve got Morgan (Wallen) and Hardy and so many artists that they’ve just kind of let them be them. The authenticity is first and the songs are second, and those are my one and two that I hold true to in my career as well. So I was very drawn to that.”

She continues, “Even through COVID and Zooms and everything, it was a no-excuses situation with Seth where it was “We have no reason not to have everybody on a Zoom call with her on Dec. 23 and lawyers negotiating on Christmas Day.” And then he brought in Monte and Avery soon after. He also had all of the teams on every single Zoom, too — not just A&R but marketing and all of the VPs on the ground. Those were the only VPs I’ve met in town. Everybody else, it was just the A&R team.”

Make sure to listen to ‘Villain’ if you haven’t yet, and keep an eye out for Lily Rose!

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