Destiny Rogers Shows us What The “West Like”

Destiny Rogers shows off her hometown in the music video for her newest single “West Like” featuring Kalan.FrFr.

Destiny Rogers is Proud of her Roots

The Mexican-American singer let us see a peek of her roots in the new song. Destiny is originally from the small town of Lodi in California. Being Mexican from her mom’s side, she learned Spanish from an early age. 

“West Like” ft. Kalan.FrFr. was produced by her longtime collaborators. Multi-Grammy Award-winning The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Cardi B., Justin Bieber). They also co-wrote the track, along with Destiny and Kalan.

“I’m Mexican on my mom’s side, and at family gatherings growing up there was always old-school hip-hop playing,” says Destiny to Respect Magazine. “This song came from wanting to make a record that perfectly captured that feeling and sound. It’s me talking about what it’s like to be from the West Coast while taking everyone along a ride with me.”

Seeing What the “West Like” in the Music Video

Destiny’s West Coast upbringing in a Mexican household inspired the music video heavily. Shot in South Central L.A., begins with what she calls “a typical scene at home,” where her mom and grandma are in the kitchen cooking, questioning her about her plans for the day. Destiny reassures her mom she’ll be back in a short while, and then proceeds to hit the neighborhood streets.

“The woman playing my grandma in the video is actual family,” Destiny said to Complex about the opening skit. “We were able to get the legendary Lil Rob to play my uncle which was crazy because I have so much respect for him.” 

“The party scene in the backyard was just like one of our family cookouts and picnics we used to have on the weekends,” she said. “On set, Kalan.FrFr was actually really grilling at the shoot which was hella tight. We had so much fun working on this record and at the shoot together.”

She added, “I remember growing up watching my cousins pull up in the streets with their cars, blasting old school hip-hop and we would gather around them outside and just kick it. Director Zhamak Fullad did an incredible job capturing that West Coast feeling and the pride that people from Cali have. I love this video so much.”

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