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PROFILE: Just Friends Is Back With “Basic” EP

It’s time to welcome the year with positivity and upbeat music, and nothing sounds better than Just Friends’s latest EP, “Basic”.

Who Is Just Friends?

Just Friends Is Back With "Basic" EP

“Basic,” released just last week, is the latest addition to the American funk rock band’s catalog. Just Friends has nine members (from guitar and trombone to engineers) with Sam Kless and Brianda Goyos León as main vocalists. The band’s core centers around community. And, according to Punk Rock Theory, “many of the group’s members… were in other local groups over the years… originally reconvening during the summers when they’d come home from their respective colleges.”

“Basic” EP Analysis

On the title track, Just Friends does a great job incorporating funk, hip-hop, and rap. “Basic” is a feel-good, uplifting song about cherishing the people around you, even if it may not be extravagant. Their usage of brass instruments leads the melody throughout the song and hypes the rest of the project.

Being two-years-old, “Fever” is no new song for the group. The track exudes a tropical sound along guitar strings and tambourines. They sing with a heavy twang, “Said I got a fever, I’m burning for you.” Soon, their chorus is full of color as the band joins in with trumpets and is up-tempo. Then, Brianda controls the second verse with a chill rap. She sings, “Fever creepin’ up, mama, take me to the doctor / She can’t bring me down with no meds, no holy water.” “Fever” is a track of not really knowing how to contain yourself when you’re falling in love. Just Friends completely captures this push-and-pull feeling through their chaotic vocals and wacky instruments.

When the heavier instrumentation fades away, Brianda’s voice shines on this track, allowing us to hear every single word. And, with the playful backing vocals, it is clear they love to experiment with sound and style instead of clashing over what should be a “vibe.” They create something brand new entirely– and it is gorgeous.

Who Is Mom Jeans?

Mom Jeans is an alternative rock/indie band from Berkeley, California. The group and Just Friends share some of their members because they are actually friends. For example, Sam Kless, vocalist from Just Friends, is a guitarist for Mom Jeans. Mom Jean’s latest EP, “Graduating Life” is an experimental record, nostalgic of late 2000s pop-punk, chronicling growing pains. In extension, Mom Jeans, Just Friends, Graduating Life and Snooze all share the same friend group and, therefore, members. It is rare to see such community in any industry, especially the music industry, so it’s refreshing to hear but see similarities– while still getting a totally different experience.

What Is Next For Just Friends?

Just Friends is busy promoting their latest EP, “Basic” but the group is preparing for their third studio album. The group’s third studio album, “Hella” will be released on March 3rd. There is no telling where this chapter will lead with the group’s eclectic sound.

What do you think of Just Friend’s latest EP, “Basic?” Let us know in the comments!

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