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Pretty Little Goat Release “30 Mile Run”

Western North Carolina bluegrass quartet Pretty Little Goat will be releasing their third full-length album, Big Storm, on March 25. Ahead of the new album, they shared the new single, “30 Mile Run,” out now on all platforms.

Early-Life Stories Inspired “30 Mile Run”

 Penned about the true story of a legendary local moonshiner, “30 Mile Run;” which features emblematic bluegrass instrumentation and a high-energy tempo, was first shared on The Bluegrass Situation

Band member Josh Carter shared of the song; “The lyrics to “30 Mile Run” are inspired by various stories I heard growing up; about a real legendary mountaineer and moonshiner named Palmo McCall. My dad and I occasionally traveled up the mountain behind our house where Palmo lived. I remember trying his whiskey once… some people say he would even burn the stuff in his truck! He had a kind soul and a good heart, but had a habit of getting in trouble with the law. Palmo is gone; but his legend lives on. I just wanted to do my part in keeping his “mountain man” character alive in a fun way by writing this song and recording it with my favorite band.”

Get to Know Pretty Little Goat!

 Formed in 2013, Pretty Little Goat was built on their common love for the deep well of local tradition found in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The band sees traditional music as a living art form; vibrant and evolving. 

Pretty Little Goat’s debut 2014 self-titled album presents unique interpretations of old-time songs, along with original material while 2019’s Let The Sun Shine In is full of groovy original music that is “as close as we’ll ever be to our past while being as current as we need it to be,” as one of their musical inspirations, Mike Ashworth of the Steep Canyon Rangers, once said.

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