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Vince Staples Shares New Song With Mustard, “Magic”

Vince Staples Announces Follow Up to Last Years AlbumVince Staples "Magic" Single Cover by Kilo Kish

Vince Staples has just shared the first single from his upcoming album.  With the help of DJ and producer Mustard, “Magic” is the debut single for Staples’ next project.  Ramona Park Broke My Heart is the name of the upcoming project.  According to a press release the project is a follow-up to last year’s Vince Staples album.  Staples says, “There’s a direct correlation. They were kind of created at the same time. I was in a similar state of mind.” when talking about the new project.  Similar to the themes within the new single Magic, the album is “symbolic of home.”  Due out in April, he talks about the project by saying, “Even though it’s very personal to me, everyone can relate to it. That’s why I thought it would work for this chapter.” He is, “still working through things and the questions that life poses” on his new project.

It’s all gratitude

The single debuting the project is made in collaboration with DJ Mustard, Lewis Hughes, Nick “Unknown Nick” Audino, and My Best Friend Jacob.  In it, Staples talks about making it when making it seemed impossible.  “I won’t ever tell ’em how I did it, it was magic/Can you imagine?” Staples says in the chorus.  The song explores how his, now bountiful life is almost too good to be true.  Like magic, he almost can’t believe it himself.  Lyrics like, “With a gun, tryna blow, tryna kick down your door/But that’s old news, spreading love now” show how Staples is happy for his transformation, he has love because of it.

Vince Staples for Beats Campaign

Aside from Magic, Staples is a feature in a few recent releases.  Raveena’s new song Secret and frequent collaborator Kilo Kish’s New Tricks: Art, Aesthetics, and Money both feature Staples.

Expect Vince Staples’s Ramona Park Broke My Heart in April.


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