Pom Pom Squad Drops “Until It Stops”

Indie grunge rock group, Pom Pom Squad drop “Until It Stops” as of November 10th. This short and sweet bop sings through the point of view of a sad and drunk person. With that said, the song gives off emo vibes, just like their previous release from this year, “Head Cheerleader.”

Pom Pom Squad and “Until It Stops” Meaning

Pom Pom Squad is a seemingly growing rock band from Brooklyn, New York. So far, they have a following of over 220,000 listeners on Spotify. At the beginning of Pom Pom Squad’s dropped single, “Until It Stops” the narrator states that they’re drunk and awake late at night. Meanwhile, they also seem like they’re questioning the meaning of life. Much of the thoughts presented in “Until it Stops” likely comes from an intoxicated mind. For example, “You’re only laughing ’til you cry/you’re only living til you die/and you’re only here until you’re not.” These thoughts of the narrator indicate that they are having an emotional episode from alcohol consumption. The mood and the lyrics align because alcohol makes many people more emotionally vulnerable.

“Until it Stops” Questioning Life’s Meaning

“Until It Stops” may be relatable to folks who tend to become very emotional after having had a few drinks. Although the influence of alcohol clearly plays a big role in the lyrics, Pom Pom Squad proves some points. Life is repetitive in so many ways. Especially when the artist sings “you’re only living til you die.” They find it hard not to question the point of living. It may not necessarily be in a suicidal way, but it’s clear that they could be in a depressive state of mind. This song is mysterious in the sense that it is hard to tell if this feeling for the narrator is short-term or long-term. The world may or may not ever know.

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