Caroline Romano Releases “Ireland in 2009”

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Caroline Romano released her electrifying new single, “Ireland in 2009.” 

Caroline Shares a Powerful New Track

Arriving on the heels of singles “Oddities and Prodigies,” “The Hypothetical,” and “PDA of the Mainstream,” the heavy-hitting new track is another impressive notch in the belt of this alt-pop trailblazer. 

If you’re a fan of pop-punk and all-pop, Caroline Romano is an artist you better have on your radar. An ode to gritty teenage romance, “Ireland in 2009” features Caroline’s soaring vocals and signature lyricism. “It’s a story of falling in love in car parks and waking up in your school clothes,” she says. “It’s about being far too young to know anything at all and the all-or-nothing emotions that come with juvenescence.” Caroline’s knack for storytelling is crystal clear on this song as she croons lyrics that channel the unmistakable nostalgia of young love: “In Ireland in 2009. With my sundress that you kept like a prize… In the car park listening to blink. He’s got his calvins in the backseat.” 

The Movie Cherrybomb Inspired the Song

“I saw the movie Cherrybomb recently, that was made in Belfast, Ireland in 2009. I thought it would be a lovely place to write this story,” Caroline explains of the inspiration that led to writing this song. “I’ve never been to Ireland, and I was only 8 years old in 2009; but I’m obsessed with scenarios I know I’ll never experience. I think we all have our own versions and our own times and places of ‘Ireland in 2009.’ I hope this song reminds you of yours.”

The powerful song arrives just a month after Caroline’s show at the Writer’s Block in Nashville on October 18. Happy to be back on stage, she shared the news with her fans on Instagram. “I can’t wait to make noise with you again,” she captioned the post. 

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