Rebecca Black and Slayyyter Team Up on “Read My Mind”

“Read My Mind” Promotion

Rebecca Black and Slayyyter Team Up on "Read My Mind"
Rebecca Black Twitter

On Dec. 17th, Rebecca Black released the hyper-pop punk “Read My Mind” featuring Slayyyter. The lead-up to the track’s release was impressive and included 2021 trends, memes, and nostalgic press kits. Of the first, Black made a movie poster to hype its release, and the vibe is similar to slasher B-films like Scream. On the promotion, Rebecca Black and Slayyyter are in “gas station” glam, chunky highlights, and adorned by their bizarre travelers. Also, fans ate up this when the artist sent out first listens in the form of movie CD releases. Also, they poked fun at the nostalgia by referencing old gaming consoles and players to stream the song.

“Read My Mind” Music Video

Rebecca Black and Slayyyter Team Up on "Read My Mind"
Rebecca Black Twitter

In the music video, the pair work the night shift, bored and alone at the gas station. To pass the time, they dance, sing in the aisles, and play with the scanner. But, above all, they daydream about escaping, riding on a four-wheeler, and being bimbos. Towards the end, they see the model of a cutout they were staring at all night, and he has the neon green four-wheeler. But, they were in love with the fantasy more than him, himself, so being frustrated, he left, leaving the girls alone.

“Read My Mind” Analysis

The song starts with an engine driving off, with Black’s vocals chiming, “We’ll ride into the night / Say my name a thousand times /Wish you could read my mind.” Then distorted electric guitars take over the verse and are reminiscent of young Avril Lavigne‘s punk vibe. In the chorus, 80s synths join the guitars and on the melody. Rebecca sings, “But I just wanna be with you / Driving past the blurry lights / What do I have to lose?”

In the second verse, Slayyyter comes in with, “We could ride any way you like / Pick me up late, hold my hand tight/ Images in my mind.” The clash of punk and synths sound like polar opposites, but Rebecca Black makes it sound like bliss. It sounds like a fever dream, fast and hectic. In the bridge, their voices echo– it’s as if the production is are sweeping them off their feet as if they’re in a dream. Then, we are transported back to reality for the bombastic electric guitar-driven final chorus.


What do you think of Rebecca Black and Slayyyter’s collaboration on “Read My Mind”? Let us know in the comments!


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