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Peach PRC Reinvents “Stars Are Blind” On “Perfect For You”

Australian rising pop star Peach PRC released her newest single “Perfect For You,” reinventing Paris Hilton’s classic hit “Stars Are Blind.”

The Debut EP Manic Dream Pixie Is Out In April

Peach PRC is here to stay. The rising pop star that saw its start on TikTok is now ready to become known in the music world. In August, she released her single “Forever Drunk,” and now, she’s announcing that her debut EP, Manic Dream Pixie, will be officially out on April 28th. The first teaser of the EP is the new single “Perfect For You.”

Paris Hilton Loved “Perfect For You”

“Perfect For You” is an homenage to Paris Hilton’s 2006 hit “Stars Are Blind.” Peach takes inspiration from the sound of lyrics of the track and gives it her own twist. However, at the end of the song, she actually sings some lyrics of Paris’ tune. “Even though the gods are crazy. Even though the stars are blind. If you show me real love, baby (Baby, I’m perfect for you). I’m in your sweater, don’t wanna upset her. But I can do what she can do so much better (So much better).”

Prior to the song release, Peach actually teased it on TikTok, which made fans excited to hear the full version. Most importantly, the song went so viral that it actually reached Paris Hilton herself! She loved how the song turned out, and ended up making a duet video with Peach while lip syncing the single. Take a look at it here.

“I wrote this song in one night and thought nobody would ever hear it. I was crushing so hard on this girl, and we hadn’t even kissed when I wrote the song, so the longing in those lyrics is straight up how I was feeling. There was a night we laid on the grass looking up at the sky and listened to “Stars Are Blind” by Paris Hilton with one earphone each. I remember being excited and making TikTok videos to “Stars Are Blind” because the song had always meant so much to me. It’s just an amazing full circle moment to have Paris Hilton’s blessing on the single.”

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