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Palaye Royale Masterpiece, Fever Dream

Following the release of their power hit and single “No Love In LA,” Canadian-American rock band Palaye Royale drop their masterpiece, Fever Dream.

Photo credits: @mac_praed

Fever Dream

“This is the world we’ve created and the world that we get to live in – and it’s beautiful,” wrote the band on their social accounts. Palaye Royale has indeed built their own world, creating their following by emphasising and highlighting their characteristic features.

The members wrote:

“Truly so much to say so many people to thank from album, videos, team, press and you the wonderful Royal Council but for right now we will just let the album do the talking.

There is a lot to unveil from Palaye Royale. The album could indeed be considered the band’s best released, with 2020 concept album, The Bastards, being a close second. Fever Dream is a brave and ambitious promise. The band implemented their previous The Bastards consolidating the features that defined their unicity. Fever Dreams is the final stage of the band’s growing. A completed process in which the three brothers finally arrived to the long-awaited realisation of their full expression. What appeared as non-concluded and even disconnected in the 2020 album assumes maturity and integrity in Fever Dream. A dramatic and theatrical expression of rock, the album is a return to the scenography and expression glam, while embracing and keeping the 2010s emo vibes that differentiate Palaye Royale.

European Tour 2023

Right after the end of the North American tour, that saw the band performing in 25 cities around the US territory, and the two upcoming Mexican dates at the end of November, Palaye Royale announced their new upcoming, this time in Europe. The continent will host the band for more than 30 dates around 23 different countries. Starting in Prague on Jan 20, the band will cross Europe until March, when, on the 13th, they will perform in Athens.


Therefor we’re sorry, but it’s time for you to visit Europe! Pack your things and get ready to go overseas to see Palaye Royale! Get your ticket and find all the informations here.

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