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Lostboycrow Drops New Album ‘Indie Pop’

Indie-pop artist Lostboycrow drops a new album appropriately and cheekily titled Indie Pop. This catchy new album is not only self-aware, but invites a nostalgic yet upbeat tone. It will hook fans and newcomers alike. So, let’s check out this new album together!


"P H O E N I X ✨✨ what a way to end itThank you for making this so special. We can’t wait to come back 💙 photos by @samsabinash" @lostboycrow Via Twitter
From @lostboycrow On Twitter. Photo By: @samsabinash

A New Pop-Band Style

Indie Pop is Lostboycrow’s tribute to his musical youth and pop-rock background. Lostboycrow transforms his usual acoustic guitar strumming into powerful pop tracks. The singer collaborates with his good producer friend Chris Chu, who helped transform Lostboycrow’s album from a solo act to a bigger band feel. Indeed, the drums have a very large presence, setting up the traditional pop groove very effectively in each of the tracks. And even with a simple zany feel in “Angelina” and “Waving Goodbye,” there is complexity in the mood and melancholy in the lyrics. They demonstrate Lostboycrow’s perfection of balancing numerous genres in one. 

And he is no stranger to introspection, as he used many previous songs such as “Real Name” to explore his identity and role as an artist. With the new album, he dives into ideas of love, anxiety, and loneliness. “But the rules have changed / now they play for keeps and i keep away / all your friends say you wish you were someone else,” he sings in “Chewed Up.” It’s clear Lostboycrow is still diving deep into his own music making. 

Lostboycrow On Tour

Lostboycrow has announced a tour to celebrate the release of Indie Pop. The announcement follows his recent collaborative tour with Echosmith of late this November. When talking about his experience with his new album, the musician had this to say:

“Indie Pop has begun to feel like coming home to a room full of loved ones you hadn’t seen in so long, you were afraid you might have dreamt their very existence. Being able to watch people slowly step into this world through the singles, videos, and shows this past tour has filled that familiar space I wanted so badly to be real when I started writing. A sound and a vision that has not only shaped me into what I am now, but is the beginning of what I wanted to be all along.”


Check out Lostboycrow’s upcoming projects by clicking here! 

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