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Rauw Alejandro Starts 2023 Off Strong

40 platinum records in only 4 years, and 490 streams for Todo de ti. These are just some of the numbers of the record-breaker Rauw Alejandro.
Rauw Alejandro Vice Versa Tour By Eric Alvarez

‘Saturno’ Breaks Records & Rauw Announces Tour

40 platinum records in only four years, and more than 490 streams for the hit Todo de ti. With his most recent record Saturno, Rauw Alejandro achieved his fourth top ten on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart debuting at No. 2. Surprisingly after that, the album shot to No. 1 on Billboards Top Latin Albums Chart for two weeks. Furthermore, Rauw Alejandro would announce a world tour with special guest dance crew Jabbawockeez. The 2023 tour kicks off in Februrary in the Dominican Republic traveling to Mexico, Central America and Europe. Then in the fall, he will perform in South American countries.

Rauw Alejandro undoubtedly puts impressive numbers on the board and continues to gift his fans. He is widely considered as the next Ricky Martin.Rauw has just dropped the last album Saturno, his second project of the year released just a year after the huge success of VICE VERSA. Rauw is one of the most esteemed and appreciated artists of the Latin music panorama. Not a newcomer anymore but a pleasant confirmation. His music is literally everywhere, in every club and every playlist. This is because of all the effort he made to emerge in the last years. And it’s probably for this reason that Rauw has chosen some names that might not say a lot to the general public.

The Underground Scene

Indeed, Saturno counts mainly on the underground Latin scene: Playero, Chris Palace, Arcangel, Subelo NEO. This is Rauw Alejandro’s way to show his respect for all these artists. Despite the ridiculous difference in numbers between the singer from San Juan and his guests. The fame hasn’t changed Rauw’s real persona and, besides being rare, it’s something that testifies the gratitude for all the things he’s getting.

Latin America And The Idol Ricky Martin

Toda, Fantasias, Que le dé, Tattoo, La nota and Todo de ti are just some of Rauw Alejandro’s hits that have broken all the reggaeton fresher charts. Uncontrollable numbers in USA, Argentina and Mexico, and the idol Ricky Martin, which the 28 years old singer imitated as a child in front of the mirror, singing out loud. But also Saturno itself is related to Rauw’s childhood. Indeed, he said in a statement that the name “Saturno” comes from his mom’s words, who kept saying that he came from another planet.

From the intro, the otherworldly sounds fuse with tributes to hip-hop pioneers. “This album is a collection of the sounds that shaped me. From early hip-hop to freestyle and of course reggaeton, these are the elements that make me who I am”, said Rauw. As well as continually expanding the soundscapes that fit the urban genre, the Puerto Rican artist took a more active role in the production of this expertly curated offering. The artist indeed co-produced 18 of the 18 tracks of the album, ensuring that his vision would be realized.

The goal is clear: maximizing and increasing the incredible current numbers. It’s not gonna be easy, but Rauw has already demonstrated he’s made for big things. 

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