On Hannah Georgas’ New Single ‘Home’

Hannah Georgas and “Home”

On Tuesday, August 1st, upcoming Canadian singer Hannah Georgas released her brand new nostalgic single “Home.” Featuring the warm sound of indie guitars and propulsive drums, the song holds true to its title. It gives its listeners the familiar feeling of home. Listeners also hear about dealing with feelings of being lost, unsettled, and comparing one’s life to others. Her new album, I’D BE LYING IF I SAID I DIDN’T CARE, came out on August 25th. Hannah Georgas will also be starting a tour on September 7th. 

Commenting on the new single, the singer spoke with KillBeat Music. “I feel like the word home is really emotionally loaded and can mean so many different things to different people. This song is about dealing with feelings of being lost and unsettled, and comparing that to others who seem to have it figured out. It’s about a feeling of estrangement and exclusion, only made even more polarising when you’re confronted with the opposite experience amongst your peers or in the media.”

hannah georgas "home"
Photo Credit: Vanessa Heins


Due to her new album, Hannah Georgas decided now was the perfect time to take back her own life and destiny as a singer. This included cutting out a lot of outside influence, especially with people on social media. The singer also spoke to KillBeat Music about her new album. “This record is a big step for me from a creative standpoint and it feels like a true representation of where my writing and head is at. This album means a lot to me and I’m really proud of it.” She also mentioned how the experiences she had while making the album really made it come together. She especially credited the people she’s surrounded herself with. 

With her September tour and new album, it seems like a waiting game to see where she will be before the year is over. Hopefully, she can continue to ride the high she’s on right now. She will start her tour in Glasgow, Scotland, starting on September 3rd.

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