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Leon Thomas III, “Electric Dusk”: Call Him By His Name

If you’re a Music Daily reader, you remember we already talked about the special talent of Leon Thomas III. The former Nickelodeon star (he indeed played André in the show Victorious) has just released his debut album Electric Dusk, which contains features with Ty Dolla $ign, The Butcher, and Victoria Monét. 

For Leon Thomas III, who’s a Grammy-award-winning producer, this is the first real test as a protagonist. He worked mainly behind the scenes, and has always been hugely respected by other big artists (Ariana Grande, Rick Ross, Post Malone, J. Cole) who knew the value of the songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. But now it’s his time to graduate from being “that guy from that show.” 

Electric Dusk is the great finale of a bigger story Leon Thomas III has tried to write all these years. And it’s for real one of the best R&B drops of the year. The album Electric Dusk needs time to be tasted and dissected; there’s so much more than what you see on the surface. It’s the project of a lifetime. 

Now let’s talk “on stage.” Leon is set to open for Ty Dolla $ign’s More Motion Less Emotion tour, starting on September 15 in San Diego and ending on October 27 in San Francisco. Tickets are already on sale. He will also perform at the Lights On Festival curated by H.E.R. in Mountain View, California, on September 17.

Electric Dusk Tracklist:
1. Slow Down
2. X-Rated
3. Blue Hundred
4. Love Jones
5. Sneak
6. My Will
7. Breaking Point
8. Crash & Burn
9. Fade To Black
10. Socialite
11. Treasure In The Hills
12. Breaking Point (Remix) ft. Victoria Monét

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