The Roxy Theatre in LA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

September 20th is the 50th anniversary of The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles! To mark the occasion, the celebration will welcome a concert and an exhibition in the Grammy Museum.

Multiple live performances at The Roxy not only turned into albums, but became chart-topping ones. As shown on the venue’s official site, the venue has hosted shows for several big names. In 1973, there was the show that led to Genesis: Live At The Roxy; in 1974, Frank Zappa: Roxy & Elsewhere; 1976 saw both Patti Smith: Live At The Roxy and Bob Marley & The Wailers: Live At The Roxy; in 1978, Bruce Springsteen’s The Boss: Live At The Roxy, and many more came and went over the years. And now, 50 years after it opened, the venue is ready to welcome an event in its honor.

All through the month of September, The Roxy will be hosting artists who helped shape what the venue is today. Find tickets here.

The History of The Roxy Theatre

The Roxy Theatre is one of the most iconic music venues in the country (and in the world). It has quite a history.

After witnessing “one too many venues neglect, mistreat and deceive several artists,” (, in 1973, Lou Adler and Elmer Valentine, with help from original partners, David Geffen, Elliot Roberts, and Peter Asher, opened The Roxy Theatre. The group, in fact, wanted to create a space for artists of all musical genres to feel at home. On September 20th of the same year, the dream came true.

When it opened, the venue celebrated with a three-night performance by Neil Young. During the first year, many were the artists that performed on The Roxy’s stage. From Cheech and Chong to Jerry Lewis to The Temptations to Frank Zappa, there didn’t seem to be a slow time for the venue.

In the past 40 years, The Roxy has been a launching platform for aspiring artists. It also aimed to become a home for those who are well-established in the industry. The groundbreaking musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was produced by Lou Adler, had its first American run at The Roxy Theatre. Moreover, throughout the years, comedians and actors would take to the stage.

As time passed, the venue welcomed more and more artists. The Roxy soon became one of the hottest hangouts for celebrities on the Sunset Strip. VIPs such as John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Neil Young, and Robert De Niro joined The Roxy and its incredible OTR, The Roxy’s private membership lounge, called On The Rox.

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