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NMIXX Release 2nd EP “Fe304: BREAK”

Who are NMIXX?

NMIXX are the exclusive group that debuted under JYP Entertainment’s first sub-label SQU4D. They are a fourth-generation girl group that originally debuted with seven members. One member ended up leaving and pursuing a solo career. NMIXX got their name because of the genre they are following which is called “MIXX POP.” MIXX POP is a genre in which a song with a sudden change up that sounds nothing like the previous section. Usually, the girls will call out when the MIXX POP comes in by saying, “NMIXX change up.”

NMIXX have a wide range of vocalists. Half of the group can hit those low bass notes. The other half resemble sirens; they hit extremely high notes with ease, as if in their sleep. The rap line consists of two members who can ride the beat while spitting bars effortlessly. NMIXX won one music award show in Korea during the third comeback. The girls are back with their 2nd EP, Fe304: BREAK.

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment / Republic Records

“Soñar (Breaker)” Review

NMIXX released “Soñar (Breaker)” before the EP’s release as the pre-release single, along with a well-done music video. In the chorus of NMIXX’s first song, “O.O,” the lyrics include the Spanish word “bailer.” In this new song, the chorus repeats, “Come a so-soñar.” The beat turns from a hard-hitting, bass-forward production into a classic “NMIXX change up.” The change-up has a soft, Y2K vibe with angelic vocals from members Haewon and BAE.

According to Genius, the English translation of the first verse is, “White clouds are my dream car That blood moon is my hometown So special, our blood type.” “Soñar (Breaker)” is about going to a dream island and making the dreams realities. Chase your dreams and make them come true. NMIXX alter reality by going to this dream island that is very real to them in their concept.

The music video shows NMIXX hitting choreography and entering what feels like a dream. They are on a pink dream island where they experience those dreams as reality. Also, NMIXX is surrounded by people who are wearing white clothing with hoodies obscuring their faces. A whale appears at the end of the video, which symbolizes NMIXX, as their light stick (a glowing stick held up at concerts) has a whale inside of it. The illusion of their version of the universe is made to be creative and dream of the unexpected.

“Run For Roses” Review

A week before the release of the highly anticipated EP, NMIXX dropped a performance video for their b-side, “Run For Roses.” This is one of their best b-sides to date as it is a very empowering anthemic song performed perfectly. The song starts a cappella before an electric guitar rides the beat until the pre-chorus. A violin comes in the pre-chorus into a strong drop in the chorus where the guitar comes back before the catchy post-chorus.

“Run For Roses” is a song to lift you up and remind you to not give up. There are people around you to lift you up who want the best for you. With their hand in yours, you can accomplish anything together and failure is not an option. You face challenges head-on. Nothing will get in your way of success, as the song’s premise encourages. Running for roses is essentially chasing your dreams.

The choreography is intense and hard-hitting, fitting the vibes perfectly. The location of the performance video looks like it’s in some kind of lair underground in the mines. This correlates to the title track’s music video, so it’s done intentionally. There are projectors behind them showing various visuals, including a heart with chains around it. That visual can be interpreted in many ways. One interpretation could be this heart can’t be tamed. In this heart, giving up on a goal is not an option. “Run For Roses” is impactful and is nothing like NMIXX have ever released.

“DASH” Review

“DASH” by NMIXX is the title track released on January 15, alongside the EP, with an accompanying music video. The track has jazzy vocals by the members and is hip-hop-esque in the beat. NMIXX start the song off by taking turns hitting the vocals into an ethereal pre-chorus that feels like you are floating. The pre-chorus then goes into the chorus with a strong bass and funky beat. NMIXX uses MIXX POP after the chorus repeats for a powerful anthemic bridge with electric guitar strums. “DASH” ends with the group repeating the chorus one last time and is their best title track to date.

“DASH” utilizes NMIXX’s strong-suited vocals and catchy rap line in order to create an iconic main song. It sounds like nothing NMIXX has ever done before in the best way possible. The production is fantastic and the MIXX POP worked seamlessly in this song. “DASH” is the perfect release for the group and JYP needs to keep this sound for them.

The song is about, when things or people get in the way, the members will persevere and not give up. They will find a way to come out on top. The world is their runway; they won’t listen to others. NMIXX does not let anyone stop them from success and they will work together to “dash,” or keep excelling in life.

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment / Republic Records

“DASH” Music Video

In the music video for “DASH,” NMIXX change the word “STOP” in the middle of the street as they dance to “DASH.”

Underground in what appears to be a glamorized mine, Lily of the group blows up a wall where they dance to the chorus of the song behind the explosion. The underground theme continues from “Run For Roses.” During the change-up, they appear in a pink sky with a dolphin, which is a part of their lore. When NMIXX go to the pink dream island sky, they stick with the theme of the dream island seen in their debut, “O.O,” and seen again in the pre-release, “Soñar (Breaker).”

Overall Review of Fe304: BREAK

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment / Republic Records

The second EP NMIXX released was a no-skip project. From tracks one through seven, the group takes you on a journey with many different genres, including hip-hop, R&B, pop and Jersey club. “XOXO” is the best b-side, besides “Run For Roses,” due to its strong R&B vocals by the members and the catchy hi-hats in the production. The blend of one member singing a line with another singing high notes alongside it is perfect. “XOXO” is catchy for the way it flows from a verse to the chorus. You can listen to this song effortlessly and it just puts you in a tranquil vibe. It is about the theme of dreams coming true as two people come together in love. It’s also about letting that person into your life. Letting your boundaries come down and letting them explore your world.

Fe304: BREAK is NMIXX’s best release to date with not one song being out of place or not being catchy. This is a major improvement from the first EP and should be what sends NMIXX into stardom. Everything from the production and the vocals are top tier, solidifying the group as a group to watch out for going forward. They weren’t taken as seriously during their first releases as they were figuring out their sound. Now, it feels like they have mastered the sound perfectly. Will you be tuning into Fe304: BREAK? If you want to check out a review on NMIXX’s label mates ITZY, click here!

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