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ITZY Release Third Studio Album “BORN TO BE”

Who is ITZY?

Courtesy of CHIC Magazine

ITZY is a five-member girl group that debuted only back in 2019. This marks the quintet as a fourth-generation K-pop group. JYP Entertainment created ITZY, and is home to massive acts such as TWICE and Stray Kids. Famously, ITZY has hard-hitting songs with top-tier choreography as they explore many different concepts. Some of the concepts include being crazy in love on their title track “LOCO.” Another concept is empowering others to love themselves on the new title track “UNTOUCHABLE.”

The album’s release was on January 8. It includes ten tracks, with five of the songs being solo songs. This comeback marks ITZY’s first dive into releasing individual tracks, marking a new era for the girls. Not only did they get their own music, they also contributed by writing lyrics for each of their works. ITZY is slowly gaining more creative control after each comeback and this marks their best release to date. Lia, the main vocalist of ITZY, did not participate in the album process but had a solo song. She is currently on hiatus due to severe anxiety and mental health struggles. We wish her well during her time of recovery.


Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

The first song released for this rollout was the title track “BORN TO BE,” which came out December 17. It has powerful bass meeting strong vocals by the members. “BORN TO BE” is about their original concept which is, “Stay true to themselves and show the world what they were born to be.” MIDZYs and the K-pop community have been asking JYP to bring back this image as people were hating their last few previous releases.

This song shows ITZY will always remain on top and rise above the haters. The music video is dance-forward with a swarm of background dancers. The set used looks like it’s under a cave and is volcanic, as ash as well as sparks are prevalent. It matches the energy of the track well and does a good job showcasing their impressive moves. “BORN TO BE” was the perfect entrance to this new and improved era.

“Mr. Vampire”

To ring in the new year, “Mr Vampire” was released on January 1. It served as the second pre-release track for BORN TO BE. The bright piano chords against the angelic vocals of each member make this song flourish. Personally, I have never heard a K-pop song like this. “Mr. Vampire” is very unique in the production and the way they sing each line. It has a whistling bass along these impressive runs ITZY does. According to Genius, “‘Mr. Vampire’ expresses the exhilaration of love again after it was buried in the ground since they’re getting tired in the past. They compare a man to a vampire; even though they know he could be dangerous, they surrender to him and let him bite for sweet blood.”

During the music video, ITZY appear to be in some kind of office setting while they are hitting the marks on their specific dance sections. In the bridge, they switch over to a tree setting in the dark, symbolizing where a vampire can appear. This was a perfect addition to ITZY’s discography, as they have never touched this sound before.


“UNTOUCHABLE” is the official title track of BORN TO BE and was released with the album drop on January 8. This is one of the best, if not the best, title tracks ITZY has ever released. The production is EDM-esque meets pop perfection. It is a hard-hitting song with a strong guitar and a drop in the chorus that will be stuck in your head instantly.

On the bridge into the final chorus, Chaeryeong hits crazy notes and ad-libs a screaming vocal that is the cherry on top of this song. According to Genius, “The song talks about facing the numerous conflicts and difficulties in the world around them.” In the music video, they go for an idea similar to the other videos: a dance-heavy performance with some other features. Soldiers are trying to completely take ITZY down and kill them. In the end, with just their gaze, ITZY blow up the soldiers, proving they’re untouchable. The overall message of the video can be interpreted in many ways.

One interpretation is that the people who had a lot of hatred towards ITZY’s previous releases are the soldiers. They want to destroy ITZY by tearing them down with their words and negativity. The group fights back against the gossip and tells the world they are untouchable. They are competing with themselves.

“Blossom” Solo Review

Before Lia took a break from the group to focus on her mental health, she released the solo song “Blossom.” The track is funky synth-pop that pairs with Lia’s soft, high voice. It is a favorite of the solos that were released from the group, as it showcases her talents to the highest degree. She co-wrote this song with one other person, the producer of the song, showing how talented Lia truly is.

This song is very important for her and her fans as she has been going through a hard time mentally. She tells us she has to continue to grow and this feels kind of like a “goodbye for now” song to the fans. Lia is a role model for putting a song like this to the forefront of the K-pop community, where perfection is demanded. Lia is rejecting that idea and wants people to grow mentally as well as physically.

“Crown On My Head” Solo Review

Yeji, the leader of ITZY, released a music video of the first minute and forty-eight seconds of her first solo song. It released before the album dropped and is a cute song. It wasn’t a favorite solo song, but it fits her personality perfectly. “Crown On My Head,” co-written by Yeji, is about “self-empowerment and resilience. Yeji rejects the conventional path, embracing her untamable, wild spirit. The lyrics portray the struggles, symbolized by invisible thorns, and the determination to overcome them.” The genre to describe this song is alternative rock with an electric guitar-forward beat and power behind the vocals. The accompanying music video is another performance video, as Yeji dances while the lights shift between white and red, changing the background completely.

“Mine” Solo Review

Chaeryeong released the best ITZY solo song to date. The short music video to “Mine” came out after Yeji’s “Crown On My Head.” The song has silky smooth vocals against a sultry synthpop vibe in the production. It’s reminiscent of solo singer Sunmi’s “TAIL” in the best way possible. It is a very sexy and intimate track that sounds very mature for Chaeryeong. The addictive melodies added into “Mine” are why it is a favorite solo song from the project. It has a very hypnotic feel.

In the music video, Chaeryeong brings the heat as there are two of her in this video. She is posing in different angles and just looks breathtaking. This song should’ve received a full-length music video because of how good it is. Chaeryeong’s growth in this era has been unfathomable. She dominated this era. Her vocals are powerful in this comeback. JYP needs to continue to show what BORN TO BE Chaeryeong has delivered in every release.

“Run Away” Solo Review

“Run Away,” sung by Ryunjin, was a solid release and showcased her vocal ability despite being the main rapper. The track is alternative guitar meets ’80s synth-pop music, similar to Conan Gray’s “Maniac.” Her voice on this song has never sounded this good as JYP does not usually give her challenging notes to hit. “Run Away” showed the world what Ryunjin is capable of.

The solo release continues ITZY’s main concept: being your powerful self. According to FreshersLive, “RYUJIN expresses empowerment and independence, shedding toxic relationships. The lyrics convey a sense of confidence, with RYUJIN embracing her strength and decisively cutting ties.” This message is shown in the music video with the ’80s feeling from the bright lights and Ryunjin’s sharp facial expressions. This is a favorite music video out of the solo releases.

“Yet, but” Solo Review

The fifth and final solo being reviewed is Yuna’s “Yet, but.” It matches her personality as the maknae (youngest in the group) with a cute, bubbly pop song similar to her senior NAYEON’s ”POP.” This song can be described as ethereal with an innocent vibe and quality production. According to FreshersLive, Yuna wants to “convey a message of resilience and self-confidence. The song encourages the listener to disregard negative opinions, maintain a positive outlook despite challenges (“that blue face”), and take proactive steps for a refresh when feeling tired. It emphasizes the anticipation of one’s perfect time to shine, akin to diamonds dazzlingly standing out.”

“Yet, but” was a perfect choice for Yuna as she exudes confidence and has a bright personality. It might not be one of the top songs, but Yuna’s shining vocals on the track are appreciated, as is the cuteness of the music video. It’s very pink and colorful, which suits her image spot on. The music video has video game elements in it where Yuna is looking for a diamond to emphasize the lyrics, “Diamonds, dazzlingly (Ah). You will shine, don’t worry (Oh).”

Overall Review of BORN TO BE

BORN TO BE is a jam-packed album that is honestly this writer’s personal favorite ITZY album to date. It is a cohesive body of work and JYP finally let them have more freedom within their music. Writing on a project is a big deal and the fact that these solo tracks could be Western songs is impressive. There is not a single skip on this album and the title track is the cherry on top of a perfect release. The girls showed they listened to the fans who longed for their self-love and influential concept. This year is going to be another successful year for K-pop and ITZY started off this year with a total bang. Did you like the album? If so, what was your favorite solo release out of the five members? Let us know in the comments below.

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