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At Long Last: Ice Spice Drops ‘Fart’ in Full

A few weeks back, Ice Spice once again set the internet ablaze with a short snippet, centered around the lyric, “You think you the s*** / you not even the fart.” The history of toilet-centric lyrics in hip-hop is both sordid and decades-long, and throwing rap’s princess into the center of that discussion yielded predictably mixed results. Reactions ranged from the typical “this is what’s wrong with hip-hop” to the stan-like “she doesn’t miss,” with the average takeaway hovering around: “why does this sound good, though?” Whether the discussion was wholly negative or positive, it netted out as genuine anticipation for this song, and Ice Spice has finally delivered on that.

Ice Spice Makes Good on “Fart” Snippet Just A Few Weeks After

Indeed, in the full version of “Think U The S*** (Fart),” Ice Spice leaves that viral clip unchanged at its start. Also untouched is RIOTUSA’s quirky instrumental, video game-like and kitschy to begin, before transitioning into true Jersey club—an iteration on the territory the producer/rapper combo stepped into with Spice’s last single, “Deli.” The two singles, taken as a whole, chart a new direction for the Bronx native going forward, an additional lane that she can work in outside of the drill formula she began her career with. The rhymes that she lays over top aren’t anything revolutionary, touching on subject matter that nearly everyone will be familiar with if they’ve heard her previous work, be it “Munch,” “Barbie World” or “In Ha Mood.”

Taken from @icespice on Instagram.

So yes, hip-hop purists may again be in pearl-clutching mode given the simplistic and boiled-down couplet that Ice Spice delivers on “Fart.” For better or for worse, her meteoric success has made her a pretty obvious lightning rod for those types of lyrical concerns—and this newest single is again an easy target. Love it or hate it though, this newest offering is a hit—proving that Ice Spice’s formula of infectious production and effortless charisma continues to bear fruit. You can find “Think U The S***” on all streaming platforms now.

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