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NewJeans Tease New Music From “Get Up” EP

The "ASAP" teaser trailer unveils the fresh whimsical aesthetic for NewJeans' new EP.

On the cusp of their first anniversary, teen K-Pop group NewJeans tease upcoming music from their second EP, Get Up. ADOR, a derivative of parent label HYBE, announced the comeback on June 18, revealing the Powerpuff Girl-themed artwork, tracklist, and release information. 

The album’s opening track, eponymously called “NewJeans,” in collaboration with the iconic superhero IP. The turn-of-the-century quintet encapsulates Y2K nostalgia, a period of analogical Armageddon fueled by the sparkly futurism of Britney Spears and choreography goddess Janet Jackson.

The creative director and CEO of ADOR, Min Hee-jin, took a strategic and untraditional approach with NewJeans. With previous (formulaic) success with legendary groups Girl’s Generation, EXO and Red Velvet, Hee-jin wanted to break from customs. In addition to keeping the members wholely secret, there were no pre-debut teasers. July 22, 2022, K-Pop stood still with the mysterious yet bubalicious release of NewJeans’ “Attention,” instantly garnering 12M views.

“I thought curiosity surrounding never-before-seen content would create more buzz, and my biggest goal was to transform that curiosity into something tangible — to actually go listen to the music since the new concept I wanted to showcase was the music itself. [I needed that strategy] because the music I chose was not the conventional K-pop idol style. Even if the song is good, it takes time for the public to get used to it. The music video was a means to highlight the strengths of NewJeans’ music and induce people to listen to it several times.” 

Min Hee-jin with Korea JoongAng Daily

What We Know About NewJeans’ new Get Up EP

The group’s second EP will release on July 21, just a day before their one-year anniversary. The Get Up EP consists of 6 tracks, with a proper teaser rollout, updating their girl-next-door aesthetic to something more whimsical. The group revealed the track titles as “New Jeans (Ft. The Powerpuff Girls),” “Super Shy,” “ETA,” “Cool With You,” “Get Up,” and “ASAP.” 

Fans cannot get enough of the “ASAP” teaser, achieving TikTok virality with chorography predictions and freestyle verses. The summer notes of the insatiably digital tic-ta adlibs send Bunnies into a frenzy over Hanni and Haerin’s subtle feature.

A press release reveals that album tracks will have “unique” music videos featuring “unpredictable cameos and collaborations with global brands.” Although sonic descriptors boil into single words and teasers, Get Up trades in city synths for something fresher and unconventional.

Despite not their small catalog, NewJeans kept in the public eye with Coke Studio and partnerships across fashion and food.

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