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NewJeans is Levi’s latest Global Brand Ambassador

K-pop girl group, NewJeans, is ready for wear as the famed denim house Levi’s latest global brand ambassador. The Gen-Z members– Hanni, Minji, Hearin, Danielle, and Hyein– join the brand’s 150th-anniversary celebrations of their Levi’s 501 jeans.

K-pop girl group, NewJeans, are ready for wear as the famed denim house Levi's latest global brand ambassador. NewJeans members-- Hanni, Minji, Hearin, Danielle and Hyein-- joins Levi's new as Global Brand Ambassador for the brand’s 150th anniversary of their Levi’s 501 jeans.
Credit: Press Release

Though jeans are their group’s ambassador debut, the members have their own independent fashion and beauty affiliations. Earlier this month, Hanni attended Gucci’s Milan Fashion Week show with fellow Gucci Guilty ambassadors A$AP Rocky and actress Julia Garner. Along with being a Gucci ambassador, Hanni is one of the faces of Armani Beauty.

NewJeans’s Hyein represents Louis Vuitton, Danielle for Burberry, and Minji for Chanel Korea.

 “We are honoured and thrilled to partner with Levi’s, a timeless brand that represents the world’s most iconic pair of jeans while also looking to the future.”

NewJeans via a press release

The Marketing Gold of NewJeans

The “Hype Boy” singers aren’t solely the epitome of beauty; they represent the effervescent, youthful energy of Gen-Z. Their music is 2000s K-pop reimagined with the western bubblegum-pop flare that Britney Spears perfected. Their choreography is not solely set up for glamorous close-ups; it’s full of rhythm and bounce that Gen-1 groups made effortless.

Despite only debuting last year, NewJeans won multiple “Rookie Artist of the Year” awards for a reason: they represent a shift (bigger than anyone knows.) Well, that is until Levi’s understood NewJeans’s appeal to Gen-Z, a glowing reflection of young consumers.

“NewJeans is a talented group that has looked to the past for inspiration while boldly blasing their own unique future in culture. As the group’s influence on the music industry and culture continues to grow, we’re excited to be a part of their journey and help NewJeans connect with fans globally in a fresh and authentic way.”

Chris Jackman, vice president of global brand marketing at Levi’s.

The year-long partnership with NewJeans includes a new brand campaign, highlighting each members’ fresh, individual styles through their Levi’s jeans. Fans, or the ‘Bunnies,’ should mark their calendars for May 20, when NewJeans will celebrate 501 Day in Seoul with a live performance.

What do you think of NewJeans’s as Levi’s new Global Brand Ambassador? Let us know in the comments!

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