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We Were There: Waterparks Bring the Property Tour to Houston, Texas

The Houston-based pop-punk band Waterparks returned to their hometown of Houston, TX in June with their Property Tour. Here’s a quick recap.

Setting the Scene at Rise Rooftop

Despite venue complications coming just the day before their performance, Waterparks put on a great hometown show at RISE Rooftop in Houston on June 6th. Fans could be found lined up outside the venue in attempts to get as close to the stage as possible. Even hours before the show, the air was buzzing with excitement in anticipation for the show that night. And when the doors finally opened, concert attendees were far from disappointed.

Waterparks was joined by two opening acts: solo alternative pop artist Sophie Powers and alt-rock group HUNNY. Sophie went on first, engaging the crowd with stories leading into each of her songs. Despite being the smaller opening act, the room was already filled front to back. Fans were squeezing into every available area in the venue – the side wings, the upstairs bar, every inch of space filled. And the crowd only multiplied as HUNNY took the stage with a rowdy and enjoyable set.

Throughout the room, spots of bright red hair adorned fans, dedicated to Awsten, Waterparks’ lead singer, and his current hair color. While some fans love their favorite bands, other fans live and breathe their idols. Bands like Waterparks fall into the latter category.

Waterparks: The Property Tour

Waterparks kicked off the night with “ST*RFUCKER” off their recent Intellectual Property album, followed by “Numb” and “Rare.” Throughout the set, Awsten was engaging with the crowd, playfully poking fun at fans and conversing like he was talking to his close friends rather than a sold-out concert with over 2,000 people in attendance. He was wildly rambunctious, and his energy was infectious; as the night progressed, the crowd continued to feed the band with energy. At times, it felt like the walls were shaking and the floors were bouncing beneath our feet. Funny enough, Awsten’s parents were in attendance – the butt of many jokes and playful threats to the crowd to behave in their presence.

The band surprised fans when they started playing more nostalgic songs, like “Peach,” “Snow Globe,” and “Sleep Alone.” Each time, the trio would watch in anticipation to see if fans could remember lyrics to their older songs. And each time they were proud to see that the crowd passed their tests and knew every syllable. The last surprise of the night included a guest appearance of Vincente Void during the band’s performance of “Ritual.” The 20-song setlist (plus a medley of throwbacks) provided the soundtrack to many fans’ nights that they’re sure to remember.

If you haven’t already, check out Intellectual Property + read up on other concert reviews here.

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