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mxmtoon Has Dropped Her Newest Album, ‘rising’

Bedroom pop artist mxmtoon, also known as Maia, has released her newest album, rising.

mxmtoon’s New Album is ‘rising’

On May 20, singer-songwriter mxmtoon released her new album rising. The 12-track album follows the release of the its singles “mona lisa,” “sad disco,” “victim of nostalgia,” and “coming of age.” The album is full of warm, dreamy sounds and relatable lyrics. Classic mxmtoon.

Mxmtoon victim of nostalgia

In an interview with Alex Gonzalez from Uproxx, the artist discusses her writing process for this album. She says, “In the past, I’ve been very conscious of not wanting to shock or disappoint my audience by trying something new. I feel like I’m at a place in my life now that I have enough confidence to prioritize my own creative curiosity, and I definitely did that with rising.”

Rising Through the Internet

The bedroom pop artist first started receiving internet attention when she was still in middle school. She created cartoons on Instagram and music covers on YouTube. This attention soon led to mxmtoon’s original songs gaining popularity. The rest is history.

Still with social media savvy, mxmtoon knows how to connect with her fans, and attract new ones. According to MSN’s Madeline Carpou, the singer collaborated with Enlik Kildibekova for their Webtoon series “Brass and Sass.” Her song “frown” was paired with an episode of the webcomic.

Additionally, mxmtoon utilizes several social media platforms to interact with her fans. She streams on Twitch and uploads videos on TikTok. She also releases behind the scenes content on YouTube and hosts her own podcast.

Currently, mxmtoon’s ongoing project is rising (the tour). Tickets, dates, and locations for rising (the tour) can be found here.

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