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Boygenius Debut ‘Powers’ in Live Performance

At Philadelphia’s The Mann Center on September 30th, Boygenius played “Powers” live for the first time ever. The song is one of four new tracks coming out as part of the band’s upcoming EP.

The EP is titled The Rest. It is a continuation of Boygenius’ debut album, The Record, which the band released in March of this year. The new EP is coming out on October 13, 2024, courtesy of Interscope Records. Previously, the band released their self-titled debut EP in 2018.

You can watch the live debut of “Powers” below.

Courtesy of TikTok, several different angles are available to watch the live debut of “Powers.” In past shows, during the band’s current tour, they debuted the previous two tracks off the forthcoming EP. These are also available to watch via TikTok or YouTube. If this trend is anything to pay attention to, it is more than likely the final song off of the EP will debut at some point on this tour.

Boygenius on Tour

While the live debut of a new song is a big deal, there have been several attention-grabbing moments on Boygenius’ current tour. Recently, the band brought out Hozier to sing a song with them. At the end of every show, the band plays the same song: “Salt in the Wound,” a track from the 2018 self-titled EP. Both the band and their fans consider this to be the “finale” of every performance.

So, it was quite the finale when the girls brought out Hozier, an artist who has massive crossover appeal for Boygenius fans. The Irish singer-songwriter helped the girls sing the last words to their finale: “What they don’t say is what’s on the other side / They say the hearts and minds are on your side.”

With their fall tour ending on Halloween, who knows what else and who else will make for another unforgettable Boygenius concert? What we do know is that when we find out, we’ll let you know.

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