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Bedroom Pop Artists Cavetown, mxmtoon, and Ricky Montgomery Come Together for somber track “Nobody Loves Me”

The newest collaboration by Cavetown, mxmtoon, and Ricky Montgomery is perfect fusion of pop and indie. “Nobody Loves Me” is set to be calling all their fans. A simultaneously longing yet sorrowful plea for love. This track balances the line between desperation and despair that many listeners can relate to. Let’s check out these artists and this track together! 

The Bedroom Pop Artists

All three solo artists delved into the bedroom pop space. They bring out the DIY minimalist feel yet rich originality in their works. 

Cavetown created music that was simply true to his own style. Thus, doing his own thing on Youtube and Bandcamp in the early 2010s until his 2018 hit album Lemon Boy. That release launched him into the pioneering space for the DIY Bedroom pop space. The artist has since released 2 albums. —Both releases landed in the UK Top 100—2 EPs, 1 mixtape, and numerous Gold-certified singles such as critically acclaimed songs “This is Home” and “Home.” 

A similar story to Cavetown, “mxmtoon,” or Maia, emerged as a leading figure in the bedroom pop space. Starting off using Garageband (an amazing app), she quickly gained a following with her collaboration on “Falling for U” with lo-fi producer Peachy. That track gained millions of streams. After her debut EP “Plum Blossom,” she began touring, even opening a concert for our goodfriend Cavetown! Mxmtoon is credited with an intimate and warm charm in her music. She also keeps up to date with social media platforms for promoting her music. 

For Ricky Montgomery it’s been an arduous journey as an artist, falling in and out of love with music for quite awhile. We’re happy to know that he has rediscovered his calling to music. He has quite a few accolades to cement his creative and passion in music. Ricky has two Platinum-certified singles “Line Without a Hook” and “Mr. Loverman” after they went viral on TikTok. Since then, he has garnered over a billion streams in total across all his tracks. 

A Perfect Fusion of a Track

Gentle humming and guitar starts off this indie track, and listeners can easily get tricked into thinking this is going to be a sappy love song. The instrumental is lovely, to say the least, with limited percussion and a heavy emphasis on the vocal blend of the three artists. 

All three artists compliment each other perfectly, with each of their unique voices filling the gaps of the music. Mxmtoon’s has an ethereal softness. Cavetown’s brings a quiet driving energy while Ricky’s haunting echos. It all encompasses the song’s message of longing the love of someone.

“I don’t wanna let you down / 

I just wanna spin around / 

With you tonight / 

There’s nothing else I’d like”

In an interview with Dork, Ricky Montgomery had this to say about the track: “It’s a reflection of each of the writers’ personalities distilled into one form: Cavetown’s DIY digital wizardry, Maia’s saccharine half-talking melancholy, and my own obsessive compulsion and analog worship. I don’t think there are many songs in the world that have an omnichord straight out of Adventure Time and a 130 year old piano. But this one does. I love mxmtoon and Cavetown, and couldn’t be happier with how our collaboration turned out. I hope our fans are as excited about it as we are.”

Go check out Cavetown, Mxmtoon, and Ricky Montgomery’s “Nobody Loves Me” below! 

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