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‘Musician’ is Porter Robinson’s Last Single off Upcoming Album “Nurture”

Porter Robinson has given fans one last single to enjoy before the release of his upcoming album Nurture. ‘Musician’ arrives only a month earlier to the official album release date on April 23rd.

‘Musician’ is the Final Single from Nurture

‘Musician’ is the fifth and final single from Porter Robinson’s sophomore album Nurture. The song depicts the internal struggle Porter felt following the release of his debut LP Worlds, and how he eventually fought through worries that music was not the right path for his future. 

Nurture will arrive seven years later to Worlds, and Porter explains what he went through in ‘Musician.’ Some lyrics of the song are, “Well, this is why we do it. For the feeling. How do you do music? Well, it’s easy: You just face your fears and. You become your heroеs. I don’t understand why you’re freaking out. / Thеn they say: “Fine, well do what you need to. But I don’t want to see you. Wasting your life. Isn’t it time you get a job?” Here, Porter shares how when he was struggling to create new music, some people in his life were not very supportive of him still wanting to make music, and they wanted him to get a “real job.”

Porter Wrote ‘Musician’ as a Celebration

The electro-pop song was one of the very last songs written for Nurture,” Porter explained in a press release. “The song is meant to feel like a celebration; like I’m reveling in the joy of newfound inspiration. If the rest of Nurture is about me trying to find hope for the future, ‘Musician’ is like a celebration of that hope materializing.”

He continued, “It was one of the last songs that I wrote for the album, and it’s honestly a celebration of the album itself. That’s where the title comes from. It’s like, ‘Alright, I’ve found my footing, and I know I can really do this now.’ And I just tried to throw all of my rules away and have as much fun as possible. Ironically enough, this is the least sad song on the album, but this is the song that makes me cry. It’s the fun one. I just sound so happy on that song.”

We love ‘Musician’ and can’t wait to listen to the full album on April 23rd! Stay tuned for more music from Porter Robinson.

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