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Steve Aoki Recruits Kiiara & Wiz Khalifa in ‘Used To Be’ to Reimagine Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Unwell’

Steve Aoki recruited Kiiara and Wiz Khalida in dance-pop hit ‘Used To Be.’ The new single reimagines Matchbox Twenty’s 2003 rock banger ‘Unwell.’

A Classic Rock Song Transformed Into EDM

Four days prior to its release, Steve Aoki took to Instagram to share the news of the upcoming big collab. “Who’s ready for more new Steve Aoki music?! This Friday gonna be a big one w/ @kiiara & @wizkhalifa lesss gooooo #usedtobe.” At the same time, Matchbox Twenty also looked happy to announce the new version of their song. “OUT NOW! Listen to “Used To Be” – a reimagined version of “Unwell” featuring @steveaoki, @kiiara & @wizkhalifa.”

The brand new EDM song starts with new lyrics sung with Kiiara, with Aoki’s beats following along. “Scrollin’ through the pictures. Feedin’ my addictions. Sick of all the fake love. Shouldn’t drink the Kool-Aid. But I think it’s too late. Guess I gotta stay up. Some days, I just hate myself. Wish that I was someone else. Stuck inside this prison cell. Can someone help? Someone help.” Even though the lyrics expressed how she’s feeling depressed, the pair manage to make the song sound upbeat.

When the chorus arrives, Kiiara sings along to the lyrics of ‘Unwell,’ making them fit perfectly into ‘Used To Be.’ “’Cause I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell. I know right now you can’t tell. But stay awhile and maybe then you’ll see. A different side of me. I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired. I know right now you don’t care. But soon enough you’re gonna think of me. And how I used to be.” Now, if you’re thinking, “can a classic rock song from nearly two decades ago be transformed into a modern EDM song with a female’s vocals and sound unique?” The answer is a complete “yes,” especially if you’re a big EDM fan. Plus, Wiz Khalifa’s rap at the end of the song is just on point.

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