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Porter Robinson Announces Album “Nurture” and Drops New Single ‘Look at the Sky’

Porter Robinson just announced that his first album in 7 years, Nurture, will be out on April 23! To celebrate the occasion, he released a new song, ‘Look at the Sky.’

Looking up at the Sky

‘Look At The Sky’ is a hopeful song and the fourth single from Nurture. It was first premiered at the end of Robinson’s set at his digital Secret Sky festival last May. ‘Look at the Sky’ carries on in the same lo-fi electro-pop established in the first three singles, blending cheery piano riffs with digital synths and pitched vocals to create a sound that swings from the tender and intimate to the soaring and anthemic. The song presents a bright outlook on the future. 

In the description of the song’s YouTube posting, Porter said, “I see “Look at the Sky” as a mantra to remind myself that there’s a good reason for hope and that people can meaningfully improve themselves and the world.”

Porter’s Fight with Depression

Some of the lyrics of ‘Look at the Sky’ are “Look at the sky, I’m still here / I’ll be alive next year / I can make something good.” The last line, “I can make something good,” reflects the time when Porter was stuck in a creative rut and fell under depression following the success of Worlds, his debut album. He was unable to make anything he considered good. He tweeted these words of affirmation in 2017 before going on to create under his alias “Virtual Self”. Appreciating the small things, Porter continues life knowing that he can “make something good.”

Porter made his comeback to the music world in January 2020 with the release of Nurture’s lead single ‘Get Your Wish.’ The song is about finding a reason to move forward, even if it’s not for your own sake, and Porter’s breakthrough after several years of failing to write music and being crushed. Porter’s voice sounds a little different in this track, so he took over to Twitter to clarify the situation. “I’m singing through effects that artificially make my voice much much higher. At first, I did it because it made it easier to talk about painful subjects directly, and then slowly I grew really attached to the sound of that voice. it’s meeeeeeeeeeee”

So, mark your calendars! Nurture will be out on April 23. We can’t wait to hear what Porter has been working on.

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