Benny The Butcher Drops Plugs I Met 2

If you are a fan of the purest form of rap, Benny The Butcher should be near the top of your list. The rapper from Buffalo, New York has been in the game for years, some might even call him a vet. Regardless, the butcher is still churning out heat with his new release: The Plugs I Met 2.

After releasing his second studio album in 2020 with Burden of Proof, Benny The Butcher is coming back with a vengeance. Plugs I Met 2 sequels the mixtape where the lyricist paid homage to drug environment he knew before rap. The Plugs I Met had some standout hits like “Crowns for Kings” showcasing his grimy banter-filled bars over soulful samples. 

Benny’s in-your-face word choice and unexpected wordplay is fused with a flow similar to Freddie Gibbs. The two previously collabed on tracks like “Frank Lucas” on Alfredo and “On Way Flight” on Burden Of Proof.

The Butcher has brought back a style that the OG’s thought were dead. However, his delivery and production adds a whole new spin to the classic 90’s style.

His new album is out now, and features some heavy hitters to accompany his Italian Mafia vibes. Benny The Butcher has enlisted the help of 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, French Montana, Jim Jones and more. This will also mark Benny’s second one-producer album as Harry Fraud is the man behind the scenes. 

Overall, Benny The Butcher is bringing back gutter rap and classic lyricism to the forefront of hip-hop with nostalgic hits. 

I am sure there is plenty Benny has on his mind that needs to get out after a crazy 2020 that included his biggest album drop, as well as him getting shot in the leg.

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