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Music Discovery: Spencer Sutherland

The singer, musician, and actor makes waves in the indie pop genre as he embarks on the next chapter of his storied career.


Spencer Sutherland provides listeners with an impressive array of sonic ability.  While many of his projects are considered indie pop, elements of R&B, soul, and rock bubble up from the core of his songs.   Additionally, Sutherland utilizes both traditional instrumentation as well as synthetic components in his production.  This combination pulls from the past and looks to the future to create unique and exciting pop sounds, sure to please even the most particular of palates.  His vocals may just be the most exciting aspect of his music.  From high and light to deep and gravely, Sutherland is perfectly comfortable operating at either pole, or anywhere in the middle.  His voice is further amplified by his chill inducing use of harmonization.

Come Up

Nearly ten years ago, Sutherland began his ascent to the top.  As an “overnight” sensation, it’s hard to imagine the humble beginnings of his career.  However, when he started off in Ohio, he was playing shows for just two or three people.  At this time, Sutherland was filled with self-doubt.  Those around him went off to college or secured jobs, and he was unsure if he made the right decision in following his dreams.  From 2015 to 2017 he released several singles and struck gold with the track, “Selfish”, which reached 4 million streams on Apple Music.

Still in the throes of finding himself as a person and an artist, he appeared on the Today Show to perform “Selfish” in 2017.  That same year, he was a contestant on The X Factor UK and made it to the final ten before being voted off.     


In the years following his appearances on television, Spencer Sutherland began to come into his own as an artist.  In 2018 alone, he played over 100 shows, which honed his skills and brought him further recognition.  By 2021, he was a headliner selling out shows across the country.  Also in 2021, he acted in and wrote original songs for the film, “Afterlife of the Party” alongside Victoria Justice.  2022 saw more shows at larger venues and massive increases on his streaming and socials as he solidified himself as a musical force.  It wasn’t easy, but all of this hard work is culminating in the release of his highly anticipated first feature album titled, “In His Mania.”  The album will release on March 10th, and a tour across the United States is set for 2023.  Watch for Music Daily’s review of it on Monday’s Drops.

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