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Melanie Martinez is Back With New Album “Portals.”

If you follow Melanie Martinez on any platform; Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, then there’s no denying that something BIG is coming. Melanie announced that after 3 years, she has a new album coming March 31st. “Portals” was first teased on February 17th when Martinez posted a 12 second clip “…” This short clip told us one very important thing:

I’m back from the dead.

The only lyric in Melanie Martinez’s single “…”

All Eyes on “Portals”

Melanie Martinez recently deleted every post she had on all social media platforms. Now, all platforms have a variation of the same 7 picture and videos.

Announcement photo of Melanie Martinez's new album "Portals"

Here we get a good understanding that Martinez will be carrying her peculiar, electro pop signature to this new album. Her elaborate costume designs and visuals read as something not from this world, and yet her lyrics have always hit hard to personal experiences. A reoccurring image on Melanie’s Instagram is an egg with something moving around inside it. Maybe this is for the birth of “Portals.” Or, maybe this is speaking on the theme of the new album. Melanie has left no comment under these posts, so I guess we’ll find out on the 31st.

Preorder Melanie Martinez’s new album “Portals” HERE

Melanie’s Third Studio Album Since “K-12”

“K-12” was the last big project we saw from Martinez, released September 6th, 2019. The album was accompanied with its own film starring Melanie Martinez as “Crybaby.” Martinez toured “K-12” beginning October 13, 2019 and prematurely ending it on February 17, 2020. Since then the alternative pop-star has been on break, likely working on “Portals.” In an interview with Hollywood Life, Martinez stated,

You’re not going to see a clip from K-12 in the next movie, it’s not gonna be that type of picking up, but it will be technically picking up where it left off.”

Excerpt Melanie Martinez’s interview with Hollywood Life on December 16, 2020

Though she hasn’t officially announced the new film accompanied with “Portals,” fans believe that her second film will be released on the same date.

Keep the date March 31st circled on your calendar! It’s going to be a big one!

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