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Victoria Justice Returns to Music With New Single “Treat Myself”

Victoria’s First Single Since 2013

Everyone who’s a Millenial or Gen Z has heard of Victoria Justice. We grew up watching her on shows like Zoey 101 and Victorious or watched her more recent films like Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List and The Outcasts.

Although the actress is mostly known for the Nickelodeon shows she starred in, she also has a music career. In Victorious, we were able to listen to her voice in most of the songs of the show, but she also released her own songs at the time called “Gold” and “Shake.”

It’s officially been seven years after the show ended and she last released her own songs in 2013. Victoria Justice is coming back to the music industry with her new single “Treat Myself.”

New Music and the Meaning of Treat Myself

Victoria started hinting about new music in the summer of this year. She said that she was working toward finishing an EP to be released before the year ended. Sadly, with the current situation the world is going through, she wasn’t able to fulfill that promise.  Although things didn’t go as she planned, she was still able to finish her new single. Victoria promised that she would release the rest of the songs as soon as they were ready.

“Treat Myself” talks about the singer being hard on herself and being her worst enemy. She talks about her struggles with love and learning to be kind to herself before loving anybody else. It’s a song for anyone that’s felt like this year has been much for them and a reminder to be nice to ourselves and putting ourselves as the main priority before doing so to somebody else.

Victoria tweeted:Think of it as my gift to you, and a prelude to what will be much more music to come soon.” We can hope for new music (maybe an album!) from her coming in 2021!

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