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Victoria Justice Seeks to Find the “Last Man Standing”

Actress and singer Victoria Justice celebrated her 30th birthday by releasing a new song – “Last Man Standing.”

First New Single in Almost Two Years

The wait is finally over for new music from Victoria! As you might remember, she came back to the music scene at the end of 2020, when she released “Treat Myself,” her first song in seven years. Since then, she shared a few more singles in 2021, such as “Stay” and “Too F*ckin’ Nice.” 

That same year, she starred in the Netflix Afterlife of the Party, where she played a girl that dies after one night of too much partying, but her best friend can still see her. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check it out! Especially if you like a good comedy. Victoria also participated in the soundtrack for the movie, performing “Home” featuring fellow pop star Spencer Sutherland.

Victoria Starts Off Her 30’s With Empowerment

We didn’t get new music from her in 2022, but she’s starting 2023 off strongly. “Last Man Standing” is an upbeat pop tune where Victoria is making sure that she’s exploring all the options available before settling down with someone. Honestly, it’s a very accurate song for people who are just immersing into their 30’s, as society’s pressures to find a person to marry are pretty high up in that age range.

“I’m not saying you’re not great and amazing and all. You just met me when I’m not really ready to fall. I need to know I really tasted, I tasted them all. To know you could be, you know you would be. The last, the last, the last. The last man standing,” she sings.

“I’m stepping into my 30s in this place of feeling empowered,” Victoria told Variety. “I feel like this song really captures a lot of that energy, and it’s fun, and it’s kind of sexy, and it’s got these very strong themes of female empowerment, so it just felt like a really good fit.”

“I definitely am releasing an album – that’s happening,” she added, confirming more music coming soon. “I can’t say that that is done right now by any means, but I think right now, I’m focusing on releasing some singles. I have a collection of songs right now that I’m really proud of.”

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