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Caamp Announces North American Summer Tour

Full line up of Caamp pictured above.

The Ohioan quartet has been making waves in the folk rock and adult alternative genres for more than five years.  This summer, they’re taking their signature folk style on the road across North America.

Background on the Band

Caamp formed way back in 2013 by Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who were just coming to the end of their time in high school.  Matt Vinson, and Joseph Kavalec then signed on bass and keyboard respectively in the years following to round out the lineup.

The band revives the classic folk genre and gives it a new, modern spin.  Country western and blue grass influences are heard peeking through their tunes as well.   In addition to excellent instrumentation and gravelly vocals, their storytelling and lyricism make the tracks even more dynamic.  Their range is wide, however, as other songs sound like straight up indie rock.

The band released a self-titled album in 2016 that they both produced and released independently, which features their first viral hit, Ohio.  Three years later, they put out their second album, By and By.  Once again, Caamp struck gold; this time with “Peach Fuzz,” a track that rose to number one on the Adult alternative charts.

The group had a good deal of recognition, but in 2019, things really took off for them.  In August of that year, they charted at 14 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart.  Shortly after, they ranked number one on the Heatseakers Albums chart.  Perhaps most impressively, their song Apple Tree Blues was featured by Barack Obama on his 2019 summer playlist.

Recent Activity and Upcoming North American Tour

Their most recent project, titled Lavender Days, released in June of 2022.  The album is beautifully composed from top to bottom.  Not only do the sonics and vocals of the album evoke grand images of travel and the splendor of the American heartland, but they focus deeply on personal emotions and gripping stories that take place within it.

Currently, Caamp has 3.7M listeners on Spotify as well as hundreds of thousands of views across YouTube and social media.  With all of this attention, it’s no wonder they’re taking their talents on the road.  Their North American Tour commences on May 7th in California and finishes up on September 29th in Indiana.  They’re surely coming to a city near you, so check out the full information here.  In the meantime, take a listen to their material wherever you get your music. If you like them, perhaps this other story will be of interest!

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